Fit Friday: Run for your lives!

I’ve decided I need to do another 5K to give me a goal and keep me focused on continuing my running. What better motivation than having to run like hell from people-eating, disease-carrying zombies?

Yeah, I said zombies.

I know zombies are hot right now. In fact, World Zombie Day is tomorrow, Oct. 8! And they’ve always been a classic favorite (Halloween costumes, horror movies, scapegoat for why I didn’t do laundry, etc.) but we’re at a whole new level.

As we learned in 2009,

Well, friends, that is now a reality. Enter the 5K obstacle course zombie race called “Run For Your Lives.”

Feeling motivated yet?

In multiple cities around the USA, you can have the unique opportunity to run from zombies. You can even dress up like a zombie for the run  if you think it’ll better your chances. The website also recommends watching zombie movies to train for the run (good thing I provided you with the list above!).
I think my favorite part of the race website is the FAQ page…and not for the answers, but the questions! Example: I have trained my dog/cat/bird/young child to defend me in case of a zombie apocalypse, can they race with me?
So, visit the website to see if it’s for you! The Baltimore one happens Oct. 22. I’m aiming for the March 3, 2012 race in Atlanta…c’mon, who’s with me?

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