Green-eyed, green-horned…green-thumbed?

It was a loooooong weekend, people. Long. Made longer by me taking Monday off, which was bittersweet because it wasn’t to relax but to take care of a few things.

But, as one of the weekend high points, Jeremy and I struck out to a local lawn and garden store for some plants!

One full cart.

I’ve wanted a garden all year. I’ve also procrastinated on said garden all year. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was so overwhelmed with picking the perfect vegetables, mapping out the perfect place in the yard, etc. I finally said, forget it. I picked up some featured fall crops I knew we would eat and we’re just going to see what happens!

Like I teased with my sister-in-law (Hi Angel!), with all the risks out there lately like deadly cantaloupe, I figured it was finally time to try since it’s better to risk killing them rather than buying produce that can kill me.

I brought home six vegetables to start:

The first greenhorn seedling crop.

Alaska was excited we could play in the front yard. Excuse the dead grass sections–it’s a work in progress. (Side note lesson, if you tackle weeds and win, you may learn that they were the only green thing there. Just FYI, from me to you.)

A closer look at the seedlings…

One golden bell pepper plant--it's so elegant looking.



Foursome of red cabbage--I love the red stems!


Foursome of bibb lettuce--the leaves look good enough to eat.


Foursome of broccoli--I have no idea how broccoli will grow out of this.


Foursome of Brussels sprouts--I can't wait to see how these cluster.


One Roma tomato plant--who knew tomato plants were fuzzy?

So, the veggie babies, some 5-gallon containers, some potting soil and I had a little planting party. Ooowa ooowa, mpta-mpta-mpta-mpta (that’s my club music beat, just go with it)

Getting my hands dirty.

Now they are all lined up in a full sun location until I make sure they are getting big and strong.

Send us happy thoughts!

I’m watering them once a day now and I’m planning to fertilize them in a week. I’m also planning to put them in a raised bed in the spring (or sooner if they get too big) with some new plants (as long as this initial venture goes well).

Truthfully, in just two days they are looking wilty. I’m hoping it’s just my imagination…or temporary…or anything other than I’ve managed to kill them in two days.

I’ll be Googling if that means they need more water or have too much water. Anyone with an experienced green (or black) thumb is welcome to weigh in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you have a good weekend? Any other fall gardeners?


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