Fit Friday: Fall fitness

Happy Friday!

Is the season changing where you are? Here in Florida, we don’t get the traditional autumn tell-tales like turning leaves, chill in the air, etc. But I still feel it. It is less humid and the air just feels and smells different to me and the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. Last weekend we had crazy thunderstorms and flooding.

Creepy real purple rain from our front porch.

This weekend we are under fire warnings. Yep, that’s Florida. But at least the temperatures are cooler (85 degrees or so) and the days are still bright and beautiful (it’s just the late afternoons and evenings that bring the storms).

Since I started running with the C25K challenge in April, I’ve only known running in heat (and smoke and rain). I’m really looking forward to running when it’s cooler out. Of course, I’ll be eating those words when it’s cold out and skipping runs while blaming the other extreme since I’m a cold-weather wieney. 🙂

But with a certain mailer received today, I’m feeling fired up about some fun running events and plan to take advantage of some of their routes as inspiration.

1st Place Sports quarterly event guide.

In case you’re in the North Florida area (or want to be for a fall run) you can go to the 1st Place Sports website for a full list of upcoming opportunities.

I actually had every intention of running the Jax MudFest to benefit the Boselli Foundation in October. I had a friend to do it with and everything but the high entry fee ($50!) and $100-minimum fundraising requirement (oh yeah, and procrastination) got the best of me. I think I will aim for next year instead…boo (sorry Amanda!).

But running isn’t the only thing you can do outside. Walking the dog, working in the yard (we threw mulch last weekend and plan to do the same this weekend), playing basketball at a park, riding bikes and more are all much more enjoyable when you aren’t battling heat stroke.

Whether fitness is the goal (like running) or just a happy supporting outcome of the activity (like yard work), being outdoors just fits with fitness!

So I’m curious, what’s your favorite outdoors activity? Or maybe your most common even if it’s not your favorite, like if you live in one of those leaf-raking states. Is fall showing in your neck of the woods?


4 responses to “Fit Friday: Fall fitness

  1. I love horseback riding in the woods when the leaves are all changing. And the pine needles are on the ground and it smells so crisp and amazing. Unfortunetly I live in Yuma, never cold, no trees, no season Az. So, in my dreams, I horseback ride …in the woods…where leaves are changing. lol

  2. The LaSal mountains have rivers of yellow showing from the aspen trees turning for fall. Hiking in the fall is just plain gorgeous.

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