Free stuff for exercising, flossing and other good decisions

Welcome to another Monday. If you’re reading this, you’re still alive and have a leg-up already, hooray! 🙂

OK, down to business. Super exciting/silly news alert! While perusing around, I came across an article titled, “What if you got paid to make healthy choices?” Um, what now?


The article goes on to describe:

A new website,, is doing just that. Here’s how it works: you check-in every time you accomplish a daily feat—usually something that people don’t naturally want to do like “!running,” “!eatyourgreens,” or “!talkingtoakid”—and then you get points for each feat you accomplish.

It took me about 4 seconds to skim the rest of the article,  jump over to to check it out and fall in love with the concept and people who created it.

Maybe I’m bias because I started a blog dedicated to trying new things and the benefits that come out of it, so it’s kind of right up my alley (okay, so it’s less “kind of” and more “exactly-I-own-a-house-there!”). 😉

I even introduced Jeremy and by the time he got half-way down the first page of feats, he had signed up. Feats like !talktoakid and !handwashdishes had him yelling, “I do that every day!”

Here’s what your feats page looks like:

Feats page.

  • Top right is your name and points so far. I have 75.
  • Below that is your “Life Score” that increases with each feat you accomplish. 10 is your goal, I’m currently at 2.2.
  • All down the page are a variety of different feats sorted by category like Health, Family, Money, Eating, etc. that you can either plan to do (they’ll e-mail you a reminder) or mark it as completed. You can see I completed go for a walk because it’s marked in blue and has a note from me attached.

Not that most of us need something else to keep up with, especially online. But I really like encouraging ourselves and each other to do good. Not to mention that most of it is stuff you are probably doing anyways, butby logging it in the Daily Feats system, you are earning credits to redeem for gift certificates to iTunes, eBay, Starbucks, Toys ‘R’ Us, American Airlines and more. Or, there are a ton of discounts to your local businesses–just enter your zip code to find them.

Examples from the Jacksonville / North Florida area include Tropical Smoothie Cafe and Dance Trance.

You can also create your own feats, join a team, connect your Twitter or Facebook pages, and even learn about the noble rooster (the company’s logo).

Last but not least, I really enjoyed learning about their business approach. It is a site started by friends and family. Their mission, which they call their “True North,” is worth reading and their blog has a great, quirky sense of humor.

So that’s my fun find today. High five to all my other quirky folks! I’m off to log feat points for !writing. 😉 What are you guys up to?


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