Half-birthday party

Whoop! Here it is…today is my six-month anniversary of blogging (aka Greenhorn Living’s half-birthday)!

Firstly: to the supporters, readers, commenters, strangers who let me take their picture, friends and family members whose meals I’ve interrupted for a picture, and my sweet husband who I often ignore in the evenings as I edit pictures and type up posts–THANK YOU! I appreciate you more than you know! Well, unless you are reading this…then you should be adequately informed. But I’ll be happy to repeat it if you ask. 🙂

Feel free to comment any improvements or ideas you’d like to see here or if you have something new you want me to try! Or just type gobbly-gook because comments in general are awesome. I even read my spam comments because it’s good times.

Speaking of favorites, being able to see the search terms that led people to your website are also a treat. Some are great, some help me understand key topics people want to know more about and some, well, some are just hilarious. Here are the ones that made me holler to Mr. Greenhorn, “Hey! You’ll never guess what someone who read my [fill in the blank] post originally searched for…”

  • “knee burns girl”<—to this person, I feel like I should apologize since I have a feeling my workout injury is NOT what you were hoping for.
  • “maybe you should start bein the right guy, thats why you got punched out you’ve had the wrong attitude right outta the gate” Ha! My favorite Yes Man quote.
  • “mushroom baby pool” ?
  • “c25k week 8 fail” Yep, I feel your pain searcher.
  • “goat slaughtering” Yikes!

I’ve definitely learned a few things, too. Like:

  • It’s more work than I expected.
  • Editing photos takes forever but I’m getting better!
  • Time management is key.
  • I see things differently.
  • If I don’t get excited about it, I don’t post it.
  • Trying new things is as important and fun to me as ever.
  • Time flies! I swear someone has a fast-forward button on my life all of a sudden. We’re almost done with 2011…wow.

Hope you’re having a great week. Thanks for taking part in my mini celebration. I’m still a noob, for sure, but I’m having fun learning as I go. What are you celebrating? I want to hear what you’ve tried lately!


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