A dreamy weekend

Happy Monday! I had such a normal but fun weekend. It feels great to get back to some old routines but add some new touches, too. I so badly want to show you San Diego but I’m still only half-way though all the photos I took (and truthfully, I’m also only half-way unpacked. Yes, I have been been back for 11 days.)

So, instead, I’m reliving a weekend that was unusually packed with dreams for the future — but not without enjoying the present. 😉 Here’s what I did:

Celebrated our second wedding anniversary all over again thanks to Maggiano’s and this guy:

That's my cousin Jerry officiating.

My very thoughtful cousin (who actually married Jeremy and I) sent us a gift certificate in honor of our anniversary and we finally got to use it. Maggiano’s not only arranges a card on your table for special occasions, the food and service have always been great.

Thanks, Maggiano's folks!

And, just FYI in case you are near one, right now they are doing a Dinner for Two special. You get an appetizer to share, a pasta dish each, a dessert to share and a pasta dish each to take home…for $40.


Be prepared to be rolled out of the restaurant and have your car and fridge smell like Italian food for three days. Being of Italian descent, I may be bias, but I’m telling you–it’s glorious. If you’ve never been to Maggiano’s–go now. If you don’t have one near you, I’m sorry.

 Planned and went home reno shopping:

I think we hit up every specialty retail store in a 20-mile radius. Jeremy and I teased that it was like that college party scene in Old School where Will Ferrell is telling the kids they “had a pretty nice little Saturday planned.”

Bed, Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Target, HomeGoods, Michael’s, Rug Depot, you name it, we were probably there. We are especially looking forward to a Lowe’s kitchen planning consult visit later this week.

The new fridge of my dreams! And a great price at a Sears Outlet Store. But still $1700...too much for now.

I totally fell for this blue area rug. 6x8 for $70! But our cat attacked it before we even took it out of the bag so it had to go back. 😦

I spent way too much time on floorplanner.com. I'm addicted!

I talked about babies:

So many people we know (and bloggers I “know”) are having, or are within weeks of having, babies! It’s so cute and I wish them all the best (like Jeremy’s brother and sister-in-law who delivered the newest nephew last Thursday). My friend, Jen, had shared a website that predicts baby gender (by age of the woman and month conceived).

Did you know you have a lunar age? I still don't know what that means...

It’s not scientific, but still fun. So, I played with that, too. If you have kids, go calculate, see if it’s accurate and let me know. 🙂 It’s got good stats at Jen’s work!

We enjoyed Sunday football:

OK, technically, our Jacksonville team did horrible. But we enjoyed having a friend over and gorging on junk food like chicken wings. I also made mini cupcakes!

Teal 😉

We went to the beach:

You know our girl loves the beach! Jeremy was collecting sand for his science classes’ erosion lesson so we took a family trip. Too bad it was raining and windier than all get-out. Here’s a short video (you may want to do yourself a favor and turn the volume off. All you can hear is the feedback from all the wind!) This second short clip is just a gratuitous puppy love video because of how cute it is when she takes off into the surf! Sound, still sucky. Video, shaky. In fact, you can watch for the spot where I almost break my ankle when I step into a hole I could see because I was filming.

So, how about you? Try anything new? Start any projects? Dream up any great future plans? Let’s relive the weekend together!


One response to “A dreamy weekend

  1. Loved seeing the beach and Alaska playing!! Thanks for sharing your weekend!

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