Well, I finally ended an 11-hour work day that was only briefly interrupted by going to pay $300 for a car repair. Sheesh! But now my car can hold its coolant and I was able to enjoy this view on my drive home in it.

I love a dusky sunset over the river.

I also love a blog called Bump Smitten! It’s an adorable site that features baby showers.

See? Adorable.

I’m a sucker for party planning. Seriously, it’s bad. And this site is full of beautiful parties and amazing plans.

Wanna make beautiful pomander flower balls? Bump Smitten shares how.


Cutest shower ever. Baby "shower"

Want to swoon at delicious food display tables? Yep, you can count on that, too.

There are four categories:

But I think what I love most of all about this site, is the love it displays. A baby shower is such an intimate celebration (c’mon, your celebrating a couple doing it…is that weird to anyone else? Too much? Yeah, sorry.). I guess you’re also celebrating the strength of women and the fact that some girl you know just grew a human! Wow.

I absolutely can’t get enough of this site because of the beauty and love reflected in the people who such time and attention into making something special for a person that is special to them, in expectation of someone special who no one has met.

Picture from one of the featured real baby showers with a note from the mom-to-be / party planner.

Look at the smiles… Jennifer, I don’t know you but I’m still excited for you! Ha.

Looks like fun ladies!

So, that’s my Wednesday night ramblings. Hope you enjoyed! 🙂 I want to thank Elizabeth for creating Bump Smitten and sharing the love, and letting me highlight it (OK, fine, she didn’t know. But she’s all about the sharing, and I love that, too.)

What about you? Do you have a website that makes you smile? Gives you inspiration?


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