The real world

Happy Monday! What a wild week. After a week in San Diego and a glorious few days at home with the remaining PTO days,  today, I went back in the real world.

Only, mine has less drinking and fewer camera men.

[source here]

Isn’t it funny how routine life can get?  I didn’t access Facebook, Twitter or blogs while I was on vacation. It killed me the first day. I was taking pictures and thinking of things to say on my own blog about what I was doing. I was wondering how Susan was, whether Emily‘s baby was a fruit or vegetable that week and what the Petersik house had going on.

Then, I realized, I was ignoring my vacation time! So, I (temporarily 😉 ) quit. Cold turkey. But, I’m so glad I did. Luckily, I had a ton of things to distract me…

...and great company to play with!

I shook up my routine so much I now need time to get back in the rhythm! 🙂 I was grateful to come back to my wonderful Mr. Greenhorn and sweet puppy girl. Even doing our more regular-life tasks, like visiting Lowe’s home improvement store for wood stain and a hose, is still fun.

Heehee. They had their Halloween decor out.

(side note, this little prop fun is one reason we heart Lowe’s…however, does that rope belt look inappropriate to anyone else?)

Going back to work I had 547 e-mails awaiting. But, luckily, I also have an award-worthy boss who held down the fort so I could rejuvenate (he also resolved the bully situation while I was gone, woot!).

So, although I’m back to the real world, I sure enjoyed the break (Hi and thanks Mom!) and have to wonder if the rest of you are taking the breaks you need. So, I wanna hear. What did you try this summer? Did you go anywhere? What is your getaway?



4 responses to “The real world

  1. San Diego was a so fun. Having a mother-daughter trip is the wonderful memory that will last.

    • I didn’t finish my reply before hitting enter !! We made memories, didn’t we? Stomping grapes at the Julian Wine Festival-complete with the famous Julian apple pie, the tour of the harbor- complete with seals. Eating an ice cream called ‘the Golden Gate’. The San Diego Zoo disappointment-complete with head scarves that doubled as sweaters……or sweaters that doubled as head scarves ?? and the Balboa Park gem. Pizza on Coronado Island and picking up guys in Del Mar. Who knew?

      • We did! Perfect recap I finally made it through the photos…370 of them! This time a month ago we were living it up. I think it’s time to relive it up on the blog. 🙂

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