Fit Friday: The running bug

It’s just after midnight, so I’m officially wishing you a happy Fit Friday! As you are reading this, I’m on a plane to San Diego. I couldn’t be more excited as I look ahead and as I put a crazy couple of weeks in the accomplished-and-moving-past category.

For fitness this past week, I was not in the mood. The day after a work jerk got to me, my friend Eherin just happened to call. She invited me to go running the next morning. Everything in me said, “Pass! Sleep in! Hide!” But she was so sweet to invite me, and since I haven’t run since my 5K, I sucked it up and accepted.

Bright and early, I stumbled through my quiet house to throw on my gear and head downtown. Grabbed my keys and my armband and raced out the door. We met on the riverfront and began to stretch, and then I noticed this:

Oh yeah, that's a good start...

Whoops–that’s what a long week looks like. The funniest part was the pink ones are old cross trainers with zero insoles, worn thin rubber and stretched stitching. I only keep them for yard work and farm days. And I thought my prickly legs were going to be embarrassing!

Luckily, it was a beautiful day and we had so much fun talking (we did more of that than running technically). We followed along the river and then crossed two bridges. And when we got stopped on the Main St. bridge because it was raised, naturally we took a water break…and a couple photos.

Hot, but not at all bothered!

Turns out it was all for this little guy:


In the end, even though my left knee was sore for two days, I was really glad I went. I know Julie @ PBFingers has said on more than one occasion that she has never regretted a workout, and that’s exactly how I felt.

And in a surprising twist, that was all it took for the running bug to jump up and bite me! So, I gave in and enjoyed the sunshine and freedom.

Hey, you!

Now, I’m so looking forward to a fun week out of town with my Mom! We have big plans for our San Diego girls trip. Hope you have a wonderful, labor-free long weekend. If you have any good vacation work out or San Diego tips, please share!


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