An early half-birthday present

I’m coming on up six months of blogging! It actually went really fast and I’ve learned so much already. Thank you so, so much for stopping by and reading, and commenting (those are defintely the best part) over the past five months. Your support is so appreciated.

Although it’s about three weeks away, WordPress presented an opportunity to buy something I’ve been considering…

“Thanks” to a security breach, WordPress provided the chance for me to strengthen my password and get 15 percent off anything in their store. Like, my own domain! 🙂


So, for $21.25, I own my shorter and friendlier URL. How great is technology? I’m in for the long haul now! OK, well, at least the next year. It should be an interesting one, with as much new stuff as I manage. 😀

That’s my easy and upgraded Monday. Hope you had a great day! Now that I bothered to put money into my little blog, I love to have your feedback as well. What would you like to see published? More restaurant reviews? Product reviews? Travel reviews? Alaska pictures? Anything I’m not doing now? I’m open to suggestions and challenges!



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