Fit Friday: Everyday of the week

Happy Fit Friday! I used another Pinterest find as workout inspiration this week. While perusing Pinterest, I found a daily work-out to-do list from I don’t think she is a personal trainer or certified anything, but jumping jacks aren’t suspicious and I’m a sucker for a plan. So I gave this a try…








It was a better workout than I thought and still quick and easy to accomplish. Sunday seems like a lot but I’m going to try it. I have a few more pounds to lose to get to my ideal weight, so a free way of shaking up my routine (since I’ve been a little lazy since C25K ended) was perfect.

What do you think? Is this a plan you would try? How did you focus on fitness this week? Have a great weekend! My Mom is visiting and I’m looking forward to spending some family time. 🙂 This girl already has a head start…

Puppy love.


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