Fit Friday: The 100 Workout

Happy Fit Friday! I hope you had a good week. Let’s wrap it up with some  fitness talk, shall we?

This week, I tried something new {from Pinterest} called The 100 Workout.

Quick and simple.

I can tell you, I mistook “simple” for “easy” and completely underestimated this workout. I even started with a nice walk with Alaska because I was afraid just doing the 100 would be too easy. Let me say up front, that was incorrect!

After the brisk mile warm-up.

I’m glad I walked, too, but it turned out to be a great workout on its own. It was fast, but I was sweatin’ then and am sore now. I love that you don’t need equipment and that the moves are basics that won’t risk injury (like some yoga or weight-lifting moves if try alone at home).

What’s that? You want a walk-through with blurry, poorly-lit pictures of ugly work-out faces? Done! 🙂

First up was jumping jacks. I knew I was in trouble when I started these because not only was I over it around the 60-jack mark, but I started to sweat…which made my glasses slide and bounce around. Dang.


Second was crunches. This set of 90 was the. hardest. of all. At this point the glasses HAD to come off.


Third was squats. I actually liked squats. Call me crazy.


Fourth was leg lifts. I did side leg lifts, you could probably do other versions instead).


Then, you go through them once more continuing the descend by 10 each time. Then 20 more jumping jacks and 10 minutes of running. However, it was pitch black at 8:30 p.m. when I finished, so I improvised by holding a push-up position for 10-seconds, 10 times.

10! (aka THE END!)

Has anyone else tried this workout before or tried any other new exercises lately? Can you commiserate with me as I whine about working out in glasses? Have a great weekend! I’ll be getting ready for visitors and catching up on some sleep. How about you?


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