Restaurant review: Soup’s On

I got to try a new restaurant today! Well, it’s a new restaurant to Jacksonville, but not new. Soup’s On started a while back in Los Angeles, they have another restaurant in Baltimore and then just opened up in Soup’s On Jacksonville.


Here’s their vision, in their own words:

“We want to see happy, healthy people all over Jacksonville enjoying fresh, interesting food that is full of flavor—not full of fat, salt, or weird things no one can pronounce. We’ve brought an amazing collection of soup, salad, and sandwich recipes together to tempt you. Our ingredients are fresh and as local as we can get them.”

They offer meat, seafood, vegetarian and vegan selections. Plus, they make more than 300 soups, but they tailor their menu each day so there’s always something new to try…my kinda folks! 😉

My boss found it and my coworker tried it first. “To die for” is how she described their cream of tomato with marscarpone cheese soup, so I knew I needed to go. And I did, for lunch today.

Wall menus.

I arrived and there were some people sitting out front in the bistro tables. I walked right up (hooray for no waiting) and ordered my soup in a pint size. It’s a small place but has a clean, simple, fresh feel. I liked the little details.

I fell a little in love with these blown glass pendants.

And you see the frozen pints sign? Here’s their large frozen soup case so you can take soups to go. Brilliant!

So many soups!

I decided on a vegan soup that included five of  my favorite foods: risotto, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas and asparagus! Mmmmmm, I had high hopes. I ordered it to-go and got this cute mini paper bag.

Sack lunch.

I unpacked it back at work.

Fresh bread, mini container of salt and my soup bowl = $6

How cute is the salt on the side?! And I don’t think $6 is unreasonable. It’s more expensive than making it myself or buying canned soups but for the variety and quality, I think it’s worth it. It just won’t be often, which is like most eating out. Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff…the taste verdict!

Lunch is served.

The first bite was good. Lots of whole, natural flavors. I’m glad they included salt though. It helped. Once I put a dash or two in, I couldn’t get enough. Delicious!

Look! Real ingredients.

I really like the roughly chopped vegetables that gave it lots of texture (in a good way) and made it hearty and filling.

I did have one draw-back in my experience. An “I-think-I’m-funny-and-have-nothing-else-going-on” guy was hanging out up front. Apparently he worked there and maybe I was just grumpy from hunger, but he made snarky little comments towards the owner who was taking my order and he just hovered. It meant I didn’t stay to eat there, or get a chance to talk to the owner, or take more pictures. Of course, I was there all of five minutes so he could’ve been a delightful man–no judgement, just a recount of a moment where I wasn’t amused.

The soup was good, the bread was good, the place was clean and the service was fast. I’d defintely go back and would like to try their sandwiches, salads and desserts.

Have you tried anywhere new lately? Are you a soup fan? Do you get grumpy when your hungry? Or when you are hovered over by inappropriate strangers? 🙂 Please share.


2 responses to “Restaurant review: Soup’s On

  1. Oh that looked so so good!! I LOVE FRESH SOUP! Especially vegan! Thanks for sharing! I would of just gave that guy one of my famous glares……. and that wouldn’t been that.

  2. Miss ShareaCube

    Yes, indeed, Soup’s On gets Miss ShareaCube’s seal of approval. I’ve been dreaming of the tomato marscapone since I had it. I’d also recommend the African Peanut Soup. It’s totally vegan, but yummy!

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