Overdue update on my big storage DIY

It’s been months since I announced the large thrifted storage pieces finally moved into the dining room. But I wanted to share an update on how they’ve been functioning for us. Luckily, I can report that I still love them!

Full disclosure, they still are not 100 percent finished—but they can’t be until the dining room is finished, which includes busting out windows and adding wall treatments. So I’m relishing in more immediately achievable addition…filling the storage cabinets! Hooray!

From crock pots to cake stands...


And a table next to an outlet to double my workspace for crockpotting and blending activities.

They aren’t model home styled but they are so useful and I’m still super proud of how far they’ve come. What is it about silver and glass and a good functionality? Can’t beat it.

The other side holds the rest, like mini cake stands, antique cookbooks and barware.

Pretty succulents on top, hidden liquor inside. 😉

I’d just be happy they do the main job, holding a ton of stuff we used to just pile on the kitchen counter top. We have all our Ziploc bags, garbage bags, aluminum foil, party plates, paper towels, etc. in the drawers.But I’m even happier that they can look kinda sassy while they do it.

Once we add the panel molding and rich, warm latte-colored paint to the dining room, we’ll add finishing trim to these cabinets and they should have a bigger visual impact and be a little more structurally sound (since the baseboard won’t bump them out anymore and we can anchor them to the wall).

Love when progress is fun. Do you guys have any projects you recently finished? Or almost finished?


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