Upples, banunus, and the power of change

OK, last week was a mess. I was all over the place and saw more doctors and pill bottles than I have in a while combined. I skipped blog posts, I cheated with dry shampoo…phew! But, I’m back. And in a short and appreciative post of normalcy, I’m sharing my new breakfast.

Working in a corporate atmosphere, it’s easy for me to eat breakfast at my desk. It is also easy for me to fall into a rut because of what’s easiest to mindlessly grab (besides McDonald’s). I usually enjoy a whole wheat bread of some type (sometimes, Deli Flats; this time, a tortilla), smothered in a hearty tablespoon of peanut butter and wrapped around a banana. Easy, tasty and pretty healthy.

However, we ran out of bananas (well, we still had them, but I wasn’t going to eat the all black and shriveling thing hanging where the banana used to, lol. I told you I was a mess last week!). And like a gift from above, one of my coworkers brought in apples leftover from an event for everyone to grab. Hmmmm. Apples and PB are delicious. Why not try to put them on a tortilla?

Why not, indeed! Also, hence my title. Do you guys remember that song from  school going through all the vowels? OK, random reference for the week= fulfilled.

PB all over, big apple chunks on half.

Then a little folding action completes this meal’s extensive preparation. 🙂

Easy to hold and eat while still typing with the other hand.

Isn’t it funny how something so simple, like substituting apples for banana, can change a whole meal and  give you something new to enjoy? Trying new things never has to be a daunting or drastic change!


Switch your fruit, brush your teeth with your left hand, try a new radio station on your way to work, skip out on something you impose on yourself for a day or get to something you’ve been putting off for a long time. We’re such creatures of habit, I know I’m super guilty of this, that even the littlest switches sometimes can make a difference.

Hope you had a great Monday. Come back tomorrow and I promise to do the same. 😉


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