Playing nurse

Well, really interesting weekend. It’s the busiest I’ve ever been doing nothing and staying at home. Let me explain.

On Friday, Jeremy had his first surgery. It was for shoulder pain that has plagued him for years.

Prepped for surgery: sanitized arm, bundled up and topped off with a hair net.

It is odd to have the person who takes such care of you need you to care for them. I mean, of course, we take care of each other, but physical caregiving seems quite different. He always opens my car door and lifts the heavy things. I was more nervous than he was as they wheeled him away!

No turning back.

I sat in the quiet waiting room as the sun came up. I brought a pillow and a blanket but found myself unable to sleep.

Ghost town at 7 a.m.

He was the first appointment of the day. He was supposed to be out of surgery by 9 a.m. and out of recovery around 10:30 a.m. But, you know what they say about the best-laid plans…

He was out of surgery as scheduled. We had a wonderful doctor who even gave me a custom drawing and scope pictures of Jeremy’s insides.

He's a better surgeon than an artist, but not bad.

Unfortunately, once he was in recovery, he was not keeping his oxygen levels high enough. I’m defintely not a medical professional, but I think his lazy breathing was because they dose based on weight and not tolerance…and this anesthesia virgin was d-u-n.

On oxygen, knocked out.

Seven hours after arriving, we were finally going home. He was the only person we saw leave in his hospital gown. He was under orders to stay in it until his Monday appointment.

Purple gown, blue paper robe, red socks = sassy hospital chic.

So we went home and propped him up. He was not allowed to lay down at the risk of putting awkward pressure on his shoulder or causing swelling. So, his spot for two full days was the recliner in our office. Luckily, he was never alone.

It was their watch shift.

My main job was to check on him every four hours for positioning, food and pain meds. We don’t have kids, but I think this was a taste of having an infant. I’m a deep sleeper and was worried if I fell asleep, I wouldn’t get up to check on him when it was time, so most of the time I didn’t sleep at all. Unfortunately, neither did he.

Busted late-night computing.

So we were are both exhausted, but were in it together, which always seems to help.

I brought him soup with two bread pieces. He realized they made a heart shape and texted me a picture saying thanks.

It could have been easy to get grumpy, stir-crazy or short-tempered. But instead, we found ourselves hugging and apologizing to each other. I felt like I should do more, he felt like I shouldn’t have to do anything–it was actually quite comical in hindsight.

Now he’s doing fine, just learning to not push it and accept help. I also learned how much we take for granted. From doing dishes to opening cans to closing the car door, everyday things that we just go through the motions to accomplish. Even getting dressed!

First day out of the muumuu hospital gown. He's excited on the inside.

I know he’s most looking forward to getting out of his sling (mainly because of driving and because it’s hot, lol). I’m looking forward to him having pain-free, full range of motion (mainly so he can go back to doing my bidding, HA!). Of course, we have some other big things wrapping up at the end of the year so it should be a great winter.

Hope you guys are having a great and well-rested week. 🙂 What are you most looking forward to this year?


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