First wedding anniversary

Happy Thursday! Why should Friday get all the “happy” greetings, right? Right. Since I’m on a roll this week sharing about celebrating our love and legal union through travel, I’m gonna keep going! As I said, I love reliving it. 🙂

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary with the gift of cotton by visiting Savannah, Georgia. The gift for the first anniversary is paper. So last year we went to Las Vegas and blew ours. 😉

Here’s a little photo tour of that adventure…

When we landed in Vegas, Jeremy hit his first-ever slot machine before we left the airport:

Cha-ching! Minus any winnings...

We hopped a hotel shuttle and were greeted by a small sign that read, “Aloha!”  Such a coincidence to start our trip with a Hawaii reference since that’s where we honeymooned (I’ll show you that tomorrow). Then we checked into our hotel…where the check-in agent was Hawaiian. Squeal! The sweet guy even listened to me gush about why I was flipping out about his hometown. That’s customer service, lol.

Bellagio front entrance.

We dropped our stuff in the room and ran around in it like little kids checking out the huge bed and amazing bathroom before we looked out the window. Then it was a quick exclamation, “ooooo look at this!”

The Bellagio fountain show from our room!

We didn’t waste much time though before we hurried out to explore since we were only staying two days.

One of the bees made of flowers in a huge indoor garden display inside the Bellagio.

We found Elvis on The Strip.

MGM lions napping in the sun on top of the glass tunnel through their habitat.

Jeremy got punched out by Joe Lewis in Caesar's Palace.

We walked all up and down The Strip and saw pretty much every big hotel. As night fell, we took advantage of the huge buffet dinner at our hotel. Seriously, more food in one place than I’ve ever seen. Then went back out.

Under the "Eiffel Tower" 🙂

It's blurry and pink-hued but I love the photo anyway.

Oh, and I had to giggle because the Bellagio pinnacle kinda looks like Jeremy’s wearing a mini crown. But since we took the picture of ourselves, we didn’t see it until after. Apparently, it was my turn to wear a mini hat this year:

Heeheehee. Unintentional lighthouse hat in Tybee Island.

Okay, back to our Vegas evening…

We watched the Mirage's volcano!

We ended the night with the midnight fountain show from our room.

For some reason we seem to get up super early when we are on vacation. The plus side is gorgeous views.

Sunrise over The Strip.

The next morning a knock at our door delivered a box of chocolates and a happy anniversary note from the hotel.

We finished with one last round of gambling. That's Jeremy's arm, I swear, lol.

And with that, we were on our way to the airport, leaving Las Vegas.

This time, Utah-bound. We luv you Southwest.

Technically, our anniversary trip was over but we did stay the remainder of the week with my family in Utah. The rest of the trip was also filled with our shenanigans.

Posing on one of the jeeping trails...some of us more than others (ahemDerekcoughcough)

Finding my inner raptor in Fruita, Colorado.

This is us unimogging. Yes, that's a real word?

Pre-white water rafting the Colorado River.

Hiking where there was barely any ground.

Navigating Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park.

Playing horseshoes.

Enjoying the scenery.

Driving the backroads.

So that’s what we were doing at this time a year ago. Not a shabby way to celebrate our first anniversary I think.

What’s your kind of vacation? Do you like to relax in the hotel with massages and shopping? Do you prefer to get outdoors? Are you completely silly in public like we are?


2 responses to “First wedding anniversary

  1. What cool adventures you guys go on!! How do you decide what your going to do?

    • I’m a traveller and Jeremy’s a good sport so we try to go somewhere rather than give items (we have too much clutter anyways 🙂 ). We usually discuss what would meet our needs financially and time wise and then see what presents itself. I’m also a sucker for a theme and so far it’s worked out (paper and cotton). Guess we’ll see next year!

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