Second wedding anniversary

We decided that since our anniversary was a Monday, we’d get away early and spent a three-day weekend in Savannah, GA. It’s close enough to Jacksonville that we could drive and take the mutt, but we figured it was far enough away to still feel like a vacation. Plus, the second anniversary gift is cotton…so we went to the land of it!

I told you we booked an Airbnb trip, and this past weekend was it. Sneaky little Greenhorns 😉 . We picked a beautiful Victorian home just south of the historic district that included breakfast each morning and allowed our large dog.

Who are you callin' "large?"

We packed up mid-morning Friday and headed out around 11 a.m. Just the car ride made me feel warm and fuzzy. I loved taking them with my Mom growing up and look forward to taking my own kids someday. Jeremy and I have driven probably hundreds of thousands miles together throughout our 8+ years–our longest car trip was 950 miles from Florida to Illinois and we did it straight through. I love packing road snacks, singing with the radio and taking in the sights (and sleeping, but this trip was too short for that to be acceptable).

So I caffeinated on the go.

And had a breakfast fit for the road.

We arrived around 1 p.m. and the owners, Richard and Robert, were waiting to  welcome us. After a short dog kerfuffle (they have a dog also, and dogs have their own ideas about welcoming strangers), we got a lovely tour of the house:

Four-story Victorian called Los Robles (The Oaks).

Entrance fireplace.

Lots of stairs.

Alaska, aka The Blur, loves stairs.

Before heading out, we dropped our stuff in our guest room.

Warm and bright.

We decided to walk to Forsythe Park, which was about eight blocks away, and stopped at a restaurant to grab a quick lunch at The Sentient Bean coffee house. Onward through Forsythe Park, we took in the lovely atmosphere and architecture.

Stately oaks leading to the fountain.


But Alaska had a different focus.

"I think I could get that one!"

After  three hours in 100-degree temperatures, we decided it was time to head back and start planning dinner. As I scoped out the maps our hosts had provided, I quickly realized I was the odd man out.

On my left.

On my right.

So, I did my Friday post and then woke my sleeping beauties for dinnertime. We took a local’s recommendation to just relax at Moon River restaurant. It was good, not great. But the quality time and evening air was amazing.

Downtown Savannah.

We headed back to plan out the next day out and hit the hay. At 6 a.m., we met one of our hosts to go to a hidden race track to run Alaska.

We caught a gorgeous sunrise over the bridge to Hutchinson Island.

She had a great time.

Nothing like sticks chunks on your tongue to start the morning.

She didn’t know it was because we were going to lock her in her crate for the next several hours while we exploring. Here’s a photo tour of some of our fun activities from the rest of our day…

We went to Tybee Island:


We climbed the 178 winding stairs:

Follow me!

Jeremy made a friend:

Meow.I goofed off in the cool museum across the street:He was smiling so I followed suit.He dropped it like it was hot in the museum:He's a dancer.

I fell in love with the Tybee Island sea turtle signage:

So cute! Plus, turtles were symbolic to find on our anniversary trip.

We ate a huge lunch at the Pirate House:

Lots of history in this fun touristy place.

We posed with their staff:


We walked all over the historic district and found a huge sweet shop called the Candy Kitchen that had some impressive novelties:

Hot and fresh salt water taffy.

Jeremy was happy to catch a flying freebie.

I was more excited about these gigantor candy and carmel apples.

Um, yeah, then there was that.

Then we headed home for my turn at a nap:

Is it funny that we both took pictures of each other sleeping without knowing the other one did?

Once the temperatures went down and I woke up, we got freshened up and headed back out. And on the way, a bird pooped on me:

Aw crap. See the dark smear in my hair by my shoulder?

So we went back in to clean up and then headed back out. We got ice cream for dinner while we sat and enjoyed the Riverfront nightlife:

Mmmmm ice cream, sorbet, gelato oh my.

Break dancers, cruise ships, bridge lights, musicians and us!

We crashed by 11 p.m.! The next morning was bittersweet. We had a lovely breakfast spread and got to chat with our hosts. Even Alaska and their dog, Gordie, were happy to attend.

Breakfast chat with Robert, Gordie, Alaska and Jeremy.

But eventually it was time to head home with great memories and a list of even more to-dos for the next visit.


On our actual anniversary evening Monday, we treated ourselves to a nice local dinner out. What can I say, we’re suckers for celebrating each other…and avoiding washing dishes. 🙂 It was a nice wrap before a really busy fall and winter!

Have you celebrated anything lately? Weddings? Babies? Birthdays? Made it out of a corporate meeting alive? I’m high-fiving you. Do tell!


7 responses to “Second wedding anniversary

  1. I just want to say that I love how you tell about your trips and happenings! I look foward to reading your posts, and I admire that you both are so full of life and love! Congrats on your anniversary, many more to you, and hope someday to be able to share an adventure with you!!

    • Aw, thanks Penny, sincerely. We try fairly hard and are definitely learning as we go…but that’s why I started blogging about my passion for trying new things. Sometimes it turns out great…and sometimes you get pooped on (figuratively and literally, lol). I don’t make it all sunshine and roses but I do like to focus on the positive.

      I love that you love to read my ramblings, and comments make my whole day!

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  4. So glad I got to see the pictures and hear the stories again. Love the picture at the Pirate House with the ‘staff’. He has aged well since you and Derek posed with him those 11 or 12 years ago. Glad you had a happy 2nd Anniversary. LUAF

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