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Family time=raincheck

I had the best intentions, really! I have so much to share with you…but I also have so much work that my time management is completely upside down. So, I give up. Besides, my Mom is visiting and I promised family time!

We're better than blogging! 😉

Have a great day, I’ll be back tomorrow! Hope to see you then. 🙂


Total recall

Well, I discovered something today. Something terrifying…the government’s recall website. I’ve checked into things when there has been a major announcement in the mainstream news. I never thought to look randomly.

Now, I’m not sure if I’m glad I found it or mad. I think I would be a paranoid hermit if I checked it all the time! One visit and I was convinced everything could kill me.

Also, September is National Food Safety Education Month® (NFSEM) and so I popped over to visit the Food Safety and Inspection Service website.

There are 45 current recalls and alerts. And that’s just meat! Luckily, not all are as scary as drug-resistant salmonella…some are just recalled because of a mislabeled package. So, it’s not nearly as scary to know that it just doesn’t have “wheat” listed on the label—-unless you have that allergy. Yikes.

One example: 15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs recalled due to possibly underprocessed meatballs.

But then there’s more. Toys, other foods, pet food, furniture, cosmetics, etc. So consider this a greenhorn public service announcement (PSA). 🙂 Have a great day. Be safe!



An early half-birthday present

I’m coming on up six months of blogging! It actually went really fast and I’ve learned so much already. Thank you so, so much for stopping by and reading, and commenting (those are defintely the best part) over the past five months. Your support is so appreciated.

Although it’s about three weeks away, WordPress presented an opportunity to buy something I’ve been considering…

“Thanks” to a security breach, WordPress provided the chance for me to strengthen my password and get 15 percent off anything in their store. Like, my own domain! 🙂


So, for $21.25, I own my shorter and friendlier URL. How great is technology? I’m in for the long haul now! OK, well, at least the next year. It should be an interesting one, with as much new stuff as I manage. 😀

That’s my easy and upgraded Monday. Hope you had a great day! Now that I bothered to put money into my little blog, I love to have your feedback as well. What would you like to see published? More restaurant reviews? Product reviews? Travel reviews? Alaska pictures? Anything I’m not doing now? I’m open to suggestions and challenges!


Fit Friday: Everyday of the week

Happy Fit Friday! I used another Pinterest find as workout inspiration this week. While perusing Pinterest, I found a daily work-out to-do list from I don’t think she is a personal trainer or certified anything, but jumping jacks aren’t suspicious and I’m a sucker for a plan. So I gave this a try…








It was a better workout than I thought and still quick and easy to accomplish. Sunday seems like a lot but I’m going to try it. I have a few more pounds to lose to get to my ideal weight, so a free way of shaking up my routine (since I’ve been a little lazy since C25K ended) was perfect.

What do you think? Is this a plan you would try? How did you focus on fitness this week? Have a great weekend! My Mom is visiting and I’m looking forward to spending some family time. 🙂 This girl already has a head start…

Puppy love.


With the many back-to-school topics, bullying is a hot one. But all the topics (apart from the cute little kid lunchbox notes and stuff), like clothes, supplies, bullies, authority figures, political agendas in the background…reminds me that the corporate world shares a lot with elementary school.

I won’t talk about where I work or what they do on the blog, but I do want to share that I’m dealing with a bully. I don’t hold this against my workplace. A company is made of unique individuals so there’ll always be ones more extreme than others—sometimes good, sometimes bad. And, for whatever reason, one of the bad ones has decided I’m a target. I have a fantastic boss and a great boss’ boss. But what I do hold against my company is the way they’ve allowed the bullying to continue for as long as it has.

Click the picture for the website and more great CartoonStock cartoons.

I’m not getting slushied or physically shoved into lockers. But I’m taking quite a bruising from this mental warfare. It’s an ugly side of working that I was naïve enough, until now, to think wouldn’t happen. Sometimes people don’t get along, but that’s nothing that talking it out, realizing you both want the same thing even if you disagree about how to do it and developing an eventual mutual respect can’t fix…Oh yeah, unless one of you is working in earnest and the other party is just an ass with an ego for days.

Click the picture for the website and more great CartoonStock cartoons.

I like to think of myself as a pretty strong person. I’ve worked for charities, overcome adversity, and been an all around stick-up-for-the-underdog, protect-those-who-can’t-protect-themselves kinda gal. Not that I have any illusions of perfection or superiority, just that I want to be that kind of person and I try to make choices that benefit everyone. And even on my worst day, I’ll ignore people. Calling them to harass them about a made-up issue wouldn’t cross my mind. Living in the your own world where you can be awful and then explain situations to make everyone else look like the bad guys is actually an impressive talent.

Luckily, I do not work for this person, and the person I do work for is also treated poorly by this unstable individual. Today, it accumulated and I officially had enough. I had a very professional conversation with the person and then hung up… and I cried at work for the first time ever. But they weren’t sad, woe is me tears. They were hot, angry, unprofessional, all I can do is cry because I can’t kick you like I actually want tears. It was an embarrassing display of human-ness that I try to avoid at all costs at work (successfully until now).

Even luckier, I have my boss’ support. And after my display, I also have some more serious attention toward this individual’s behavior. We’ll see what happens. It’d be really uplifting to see one won for the good guys. Otherwise, I’m calling Mayhem.

Hahahahaha. That's the crazy / happy face I'd make, too.

Big picture: me, my health and my contributions to my company are much more important than this individual. I will continue to work hard and look for ways to continually improve for my company’s future and my own. However, it was a valuable lesson that I’m defintely paying attention to. I’ll go right back to letting stuff roll right off me and smiling–only with a better understanding of those (at least one) who don’t share my perspective or any desire for a positive outcome.

I also just want to add the disclaimer that I’m not judging this individual. I don’t know what kind of parent, driver, voter, cook, boss or citizen this person is. Maybe a wonderful one. Maybe an orphan-rescuing, disease-curing, multi-lingual superhero to cheer for on the weekends. But in my experience, as my coworker, they suck. Just a fact.

I’m so glad tomorrow’s Fit Friday! I’m ready to shake off this week, get back to regularly scheduled (lighter) greenhorn programming and be one day closer to the weekend! 😀

Since I know it’s more prevalent than anyone would like, please share any bullying stories you have. Or how you avoid them.

Prepare to hunker down

If you’ve been keeping up with the Atlantic coast weather, you’ve noticed it’s been pretty busy the past couple days! Puerto Rico stared down Hurricane Irene Monday, those of Colorado, Virginia, D.C. and the Carolinas went through an earthquake today, all of us in Florida are enjoying severe thunderstorms, and I think the whole East Coast is carefully watching Irene.

It was a good reminder to break out what I lovingly call my “Hunker Down Supply Pack” to see what’s outdated, available and needed. Being a lifelong Floridian, and a very serious Girl Scout 😀 , I can’t imagine not at least having a first aid kit, some non-perishable food, extra water and candles or lanterns throughout the summer and early fall months due to our hurricane season.

I’m sure in other states they have their own disasters to prepare for—heat, drought, flooding, fires, mudslides, earthquakes, tornadoes, crimes, zombie attacks…it’s a scary world out there.

They're prepared for anything; how 'bout you?

Luckily, a little preparation can go a long way. The quicker you can go from everyday rigmarole to hunkering down with the necessities, the better off you are. Without sounding like a nut-case who has a house built under her house and multiple passports with secret identities, I thought I’d share some of how I prepare for disasters and give back some good reminders that I recently received.

The basics for protecting yourself from my favorite two resources, and (because I die for a good checklist and these sites have a ton!):

  • Do an insurance checkup now. Don’t wait until a storm is approaching. In fact, most policies have lockout clauses where you can’t change/update your coverage when there is an impending disaster.
  • Create a personal or family emergency plan. Write down your plans and share them with your family and an out-of-state contact. Make a list of what important papers you will need. List medications you or your family may need, along with prescription numbers. Think of all the details now and write them down.
  • Plan an evacuation route. Identify multiple places where you and your family can go. Have maps handy in case road closures and detours lead you to unfamiliar areas.
  • Designate an out-of-state contact. During a disaster, it is easy to get separated from your loved ones. Make sure all of your family members have this information with them in advance.
  • Assemble an emergency supply kit. Flashlights, batteries, food and water are essentials, but don’t forget things like games or toys that can entertain or calm your children. Think in terms of supplies you will need if you evacuate and supplies you will need if you have to stay at home with no electrical power for several days.

This is my in-house kit. It has a hand-crank radio; multi-tool; first aid kit; house, evacuation route and contact info paperwork; non-perishable snacks; dog bowl, food and leash; toiletries in a water-proof bag; and more.

  • Make arrangements for your pet(s). Find out which shelters or hotels on your evacuation route accept pets. Make sure items for your pet(s) are included in your disaster supply kit. NOAA, FEMA and the ASPCA have great resources.

I have print-outs with Bear's and Alaska's photos, immunization records and key features. You can also count on your pets to sense impending disaster and occasionally just get in your pre-made disaster kit. Great way to save a step. 😉

I keep most of my supplies in my linen closet in the backpack so it’s easy to grab and go if needed. Luckily, North Florida rarely gets any more than heavy rain and moderate wind. But, just in case, I also keep a bag with a change of clothes, hygiene supplies, solar blanket, flashlight, glow sticks and an assortment of other emergency supplies in my car trunk.

Quick getatways are no problem.

What kind of extreme weather happens where you live? Do you have a disaster plan or supplies?

P.S.- I have no idea who that man or cat is in the tin hats, but the picture is great. Source

Back-to-school special

Happy Monday everyone! And if you are like the kids in my neck of the woods, happy first day of school!

There was such a fun energy today. The traffic was heavier this morning, kids filled the sidewalks, all the stores have been featuring their colorful and organized school supply merchandise–so fun!

OK, the excess traffic wasn’t quite “fun.” 😉

But it does make me wish I was stocking up on cute folders, getting a new backpack, meeting new friends and learning new things all day. But, I’m not.

So instead, I thought I’d would do a little linky round-up of my favorite school preparation info lately. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to conquer another school year, or just send you down memory lane. 🙂

21 Ways to Plan Ahead for School Lunches

From 100 Days of Real Food
  • Full of genius ideas for school and work lunches like what’s best to freeze versus what’s better to store in Tupperware and how to tie-dye cloth napkins.

19 Creative Back-to-School Ideas and Treats

From Seven Thirty Three
  • Cute ideas from other blogs like teacher gifts, photo checklists and crafts.

Personal Yearbooks

From Becky Higgins
  • Adorable monthly photo book of a school year

<a title=”Permanent Link to Green Back to School Ideas” href=”; rel=”bookmark”>Green Back to School Ideas

From Nature Moms Blog
  • Some great eco-friendly tips for everything from shoes to school supplies.

Bento Menu Library

  • Bento boxes are such cute ideas for lunch boxes, but even better, they have a whole menu listing broken down by seasons. I love the portion control, the creative ideas and plethora of tips.

Blog Link Party with Back to School Ideas

From Somewhat Simple
  •  Just thought another link party was only fitting!

Have a great Tuesday, and leave a comment if you have any other back-to-school ideas!