Photo storage inspiration

I have been talking about organizing my photos for years. I used to be really good at scrapbooking or at least loading them electronically onto my external hard drive. I think that’s one benefit of getting photos printed–you get excited to go through them and stick them in albums. I think that tangible experience, and physical clutter consequence if I didn’t, helped me stay on top of them.

My collection of albums.

But I have accumulated hundreds of digital photos over the past 2 years in particular that I’m terrified to delete and have lost all accountability for. I don’t even know what I have! And now with this blog, I’ve gone from bad to worse. 🙂

Sticks, SD cards, albums, loose, Facebook, blog, Nikon temporary transfer folder, cell phone, desktop, CDs, iPhoto…photos everywhere, yikes.

This about a third of my photo album collection.

So, my interest was immediately piqued when I saw the end of a recent YoungHouseLove post mentioning a piece they wrote for BabyCenter called “Photo Albums Are Dead To Us.”In it, they announced their first printed photo book and how they were never going back to printing photos themselves or collecting huge volumes of albums.

Instead, they created sleek, professional-looking family yearbook! As Rachel Zoe would say, “I DIE!” I was on the yearbook staff all through high school (that and Spanish class were my favorite parts), Jeremy’s going to be a teacher and we got married in August (back-to-school time)…a yearbook feels perfect.

Being that I was ridiculously smitten with the idea, I of course, got to Googling. My favorite find (other than company ads offering photo book services) was from a blog called Family Traditions. This wonderful lady put together a “Family Yearbook Challenge” in 2009 and thanks to the world wide wonder web, I found it! You can follow the jump to see her “homework assignments” and a full list with things to do and when. Uh, mazing? Yep!

I don’t think I’ll get mine printed at first, but it gave me just the inspiration and motivation I needed to quit procrastinating. I’m picturing yearly editions, superlatives, neatly organized, magazine-style layouts, and a beautiful overall snapshot of a year in the life. Hell, I may try to sell add space and ask family to sign pages because I’m a geek like that…yearbook4life! 😉

In case you thought I was kidding about my YB allegiance...this is my high school ring.

How do you manage family photos? Have you ever seen a family yearbook? Is it an idea you’d try? 100 bonus points go to anyone ever on yearbook staff!



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