A new way to stay

I’ve officially confirmed two vacations for the tail end of summer and I couldn’t be more excited! The first trip is with the Mr. and pup, so we wanted somewhere to stay that was pet-friendly, affordable and interesting.

We had one hellofa time trying to find a place that met all three criteria. Until, I stumbled across Airbnb.

Homepage screenshot.

It’s a vacation rental website for homes, apartments, bed and breakfasts, and rooms…all around the world. Right off the bat, I loved the site organization and search function!

  • Set the rice range? Yup.
  • Single out who allows dogs? Yup.
  • Provide an option for a tree house, boat, off-the-beaten-path house, igloo, castle or cabin? Yup!

Look at all these places just waiting for visitors!

Jeremy and I had so much fun looking through all the people’s listings. $49/night on the bay in San Fransisco, $190/night for a beach house in Greece, $90/night for a flat in Paris, $195/night for a tree house in Hawaii. Amazing, right?

I’ve never rented a place to stay in someone else’s home, but with good customer ratings and endorsements from Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, I’m feeling good about giving this a try.

Have you ever visited a site like airbnb? Anyone who has ever stayed in a tree house or old plane shell must comment. 🙂

Hi Mom! LUAF

P.S. – My second upcoming trip is with my Mom! I am so excited to get to spend some quality face time with her since we live so far apart now.  

She is the most amazing, supportive person and I so value our relationship, especially as we’ve grown our friendship. And, on this July 20, I am also wishing her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

P.P.S. – The cropped out face is my brother. Sorry Derek, you’ll get a picture on your birthday. 🙂


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