Product review: Lean Cuisine spring rolls

Phew, what a day. Luckily, it’s time for Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Hehehe. Enjoy that stuck in your head.

When I got my first corporate job, Lean Cuisines were my go-to lunch every day. I quit eating them as I learned more about “real” food and paid attention to some of the varieties’ fat and sodium contents. Yikes!

Now, I incorporate them sparingly since they are so wonderfully convenient and tasty. I also choose more carefully (sorry sesame chicken! You’re my favorite but take up half a day’s Weight Watcher’s points but I’m still hungry when I’m done with you).

So, clearly I am familiar with their meals, but I got to try a new variety thanks to a coupon (I know I say that with a lot of products I slap on here, but I like to mention that coupons do prompt me to try new things and I want manufacturers to continue putting them out).

Happy little box.

Did you ever watch Bob Ross paint “happy little trees” on PBS back in the day? Awesome.

Anyways, I was really excited to tear into these bad boys. There are two servings in a box and each serving is individually wrapped.

Happy little package (sorry, couldn't resist).

You take them out of the plastic and microwave them in a paper sleeve Hot Pocket-style. They smell delicious while cooking. I had at least three people waiting for the microwave asking me what I had in there and if they could have a bite. 🙂

Once they are done, which is pretty quick, you just pull them out and let them cool.

In their fancy sleeve.

By the way, you cook them in the sleeve and once they are done, it instructs you to fold the bottom flaps in to form a base so they can stand up like in the picture above. I burned the crap out of my finger trying to fold before cooling. Save your fingers and don’t be an impatient hungry hippo like me. Fair warning.

Once cool enough to touch, I grabbed one out and tore it in half to see the guts goods inside…whole black beans, corn kernels, red bell pepper and an onion/chicken puree.


It was really good. I actually enjoyed them very much even though are kinda greasy and look a *bit* different than the box detail.

My stack.

Box stack.

They are definitely not as healthy as the “lean” moniker suggests, but they have such a good flavor that it’ll satisfy your fried food craving. It’ll also save you about 600 calories and 40 fat grams over Chili’s southwestern eggrolls.

I would strongly recommend whipping up a salad to enjoy on the side, though, to complete your meal. Once you eat the first serving of three, that second serving calls to you pretty loudly. 🙂

Have you guys tried anything new lately? Anyone else out there a lazy luncher or looking for ways to sneak in fried food? Maybe your more a dessert kinda person?


4 responses to “Product review: Lean Cuisine spring rolls

  1. I like the “Amy’s” brand of frozen entrees. They are nutricious and the calories aren’t bad on them. They are vegetarian though… look them up in the freezer section! Vegy lasagne is very yummy!

  2. I made lasagna a new way by combining fresh spinach, chopped and minced with ricotta cheese. I then did my layers of sauce, noodles, and then only one middle layer with the ricotta/spinach. I finished with noodles- sauce-noodles-sauce. The final touch was a sprinkling of what I thought was mozarella cheese on top. In the oven and out – wha-la. The only problem was that when I ate some, it had a ‘kick’ to it. I looked at the bag of mozarella and saw that it was jalapeno pepper jack. Always wear you reading glasses when selecting from the shelf. Tasty though!

    • That sounds delicious! Except the pepper jack cheese…pretty funny. Reminds me of one time I put cayenne pepper instead of cinnamon into pancake batter. Whoops. Glad yours turned out okay!

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