Product review: Wacky Mac

I’ve officially dubbed today Wacky Wednesday! OK, less me dubbing it and more that’s a real product name. Hilarious, right?

I first found Wacky Mac in my grocer’s aisles early last year. Jeremy and I thought it was so funny, he took this picture and posted it on his personal Facebook page.

March 2010

Then, in a wacky chance of timing, the coupon and advertising stars lined up. A 75 cents off any Wacky Mac variety coupon and a Publix deal for 99 cent Wacky Mac bags showed up in the same week a year and a half later. To the car!

Grown-up wacky.

Dinner pasta for 25 cents? Yes please. We chose the bow tie pasta. I prepared them according to the package directions and the firs thing I noticed was the colors. I’ve had veggie pasta before…it normally comes in orange, green and yellow. But what the heck is purple?

Turns out the good folks at the Wacky Mac factory decided anyone can do two colors…Wacky is three! Tomato, spinach aaaaaaaaand beet.

Rainbow collander.

I think beets are awful. This is the only way I’d ever eat them. I love pasta for dinner because it’s so versatile and so easy. We decided to add some sliced chicken breast we had on-hand. Jeremy used an Alfredo sauce and used a veggie marinara and Parmesan cheese.

Ta-da! Wacky delicious.

Even with the chicken, two sauces and cheese, this dinner came to around $6 for both of us! The Wacky Mac pasta was so good. and I think it’s a great way to sneak in some extra veggies, folic acid, protein and iron. Can your pasta say that? 🙂

So that’s my experience with a funny product name that turned out to be a huge success. Have you tried anything new lately? Have you tried Wacky Mac? I’m excited to get more just to have some in the cabinet as a conversation piece.


One response to “Product review: Wacky Mac

  1. Miss ShareaCube

    Food porn!

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