My 5K race day

Hope you had a wonderful July 4th! Did you get the day off? Maybe you BBQed. Maybe you spent time with family or friends. Maybe you blew stuff up? I feel very lucky to say I did all of the above. I also ran my first 5K race!

I trained for it (although I’m not done training just yet) and put it on my 28 goals list. I picked up our race packets the Friday before the race from the run’s sponsor, 1st Place Sports.

Pre-race info bag.

In it, were a bunch of documents–everything from race-day instructions and route to advertisements for products and upcoming races.

Info literature.

To my favorite, freebies!

Samples and coupons.

The night before the race, I laid out my outfit and set my alarm for 5:30 a.m.

Superfeet insoles, Adidas socks and my Nike "This is my kick butt shirt."

I love my Brooks running shoes but my Superfeet Berry insoles have made all the difference in foot and shin pain!

I snoozed until 6 a.m., then jumped up to get dressed and hydrate. I drank 12 ounces of water to get some oxygen and water without feeling sloshy or having to pee halfway through the run. There was no way I was fighting for a portalet.

Jeremy and I also tried the PowerBar energy bites for breakfast about an hour before the run. They were surprisingly delicious. Good energy, nothing heavy or time-consuming.

With that, the sun was coming up and we were ready to head back to bed out.

Sleepy zombies but ready to run...for America!

Once signed in, we warmed up and picked up our ChampionChips.

Jeremy lacing me up with my timing chip.

Music was blaring and everyone was buzzing around us. Lots of stretching, breathing, light cardio and chatting exercises.

Look at these awesome patriotic tutu ladies!

Once I saw the starting line, I got really nervous.

Line up and count down.

We had a moment of silence for one of the race’s folks who was in hospice and then a recording of Whitney Houston belted out the Star Spangled Banner as we all saluted the flag.

Then in a sharp moment of intrusion as my emotions were swelling, BANG! The cannon (yes, cannon) sounded and jolted me into the moment. Everyone surged forward and I looked at Jeremy and said, “I usually walk for five minutes to warm up first.” He started running and said, “That part’s over.” Crap. Run!

My official results for the 20th Annual Celebration 5K:

  • Overall place: 344th out of 806 finishers
  • Class place: 37th out of 45 females age 25 – 29
  • Average pace: 14:24 minute miles
  • Goal completion time: 45 minutes or less
  • Actual completion time: 44 minutes 40 seconds (thanks ChampionChip!)

There was one point, maybe around 2.5 miles, when I started to panic. My legs were like liquid and I couldn’t think of anything but quitting failing. And then a very large man ran by me and a glorious breeze blew at my back. It was only two and half miles…less than a mile left. Hit it!

Seeing the finish line was amazing. I started sprinting. And then realized it was probably too early. HA! So as I closed my eyes, breathed deep and repeated to myself, “DON’T TRIP IN FRONT OF ALL THESE PEOPLE.” And I didn’t, and strangers cheered. It was great. Sweaty, blurry and great.

At the end of the race, Jeremy and I met up with friends! We didn’t know they were going to be there but it was fun to see some friendly faces.

Smiling because we're sitting.

Then we went home and crashed! Sad after only a 5K. But true, I was wiped. Luckily, I got to recover with Jeremy and friends with a neighborhood potluck BBQ and lots of fireworks (from little kids with sparklers to ‘big kids’ with mortars).

Just part of the spread. I could've just had the chocolate-dipped strawberries and snap peas--so good!

So, how did you celebrate your freedom? If you aren’t an American, I still hope you had a great Monday :).  Did anyone else race? Good luck if you have one coming up!

PS-There are so many who spent the Fourth without their family members because they are deployed. They ran because their sergeant said so. They sweat because they were carrying gear in a desert or have lives on the line. I think it’s important to remember to mention that.

5 responses to “My 5K race day

  1. Very Nice! I however had to spend mine at work 😦

  2. Oh Adrianne I am so proud of you and Jeremy! Great Job guys!! Sounds like you accomplished your goals and had a great rest of the day! If I lived closer I would of run with you!!

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