Working smarter, not harder

My goal is always to post everyday. Some days that’s harder than others. A couple events fell through this week and therefore my planned post shall go down with it.

As I sat here feeling more exhausted and uninspired than usual (I blame a combo of things since it’s not like me. Almost Friday + work jerk + stormy weather = 1 glum greenhorn), I doddled in the blogosphere. And found this:

Courtesy of Cely, even though she doesn't know it.

I snotted on myself from unexpected laughter. I don’t know why it struck me (the stupid cat baby talk pics usually don’t) but it COMPLETELY cracked me up.

So, rather than posting, I’m telling you to go read Cely’s post at Running Off the Reese’s instead. That way I can eat dinner and go to bed earlier than a toddler. I promise hers will be better than mine was going to be anyway.

I’ll post my usual C25K training program update tomorrow. It’s an exciting one because it’s the last run before my first competitive 5K on Monday! OK, maybe more exciting for me than you, but stop by anyway. 🙂 Have a great Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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