A crappy conversation

So… the title is part pun, part warning.

Jeremy came in from mowing a few weekends ago with a report that moles are invading our backyard.

Small hole.

Naturally, we poked around in it with a stick and then filled in with dirt.

Unfortunately, when we walked by a few days later, it was back. Also, it was bigger.

Medium hole.


So we did some more probing (very scientific procedures, I assure you). And upon doing so, had more dirt fall inward and make the hole border even larger.

Big hole.

Hey, you know what has a lot of water in it that is often found in backyards? Yep, septic tanks.

Now the hole is twice the size pictured above but stable. We’ve had three professionals come out to inspect it. Basically, here are the main choices they provided and some estimates:

  • Hook up to city sewer = $9,000
  • Replace the septic tank = $4,000

So, this is defintely a first time experience. By the way, when we bought the house, we were told by the previous owners as well as our inspector that we were on city sewer. Whoops.

We discovered our septic tank because the day of our wedding, after a week of five people staying with us, it backed up. No good my friends, no good at all (FYI-when you are on septic, don’t flush an.y.thing but toilet paper, k? Okay.). But my sweet father-in-law handled it, and made it to the church on time 🙂 . The story went like wildfire through our families and the ordeal even got a mention in the minister’s speech AND the best man’s toast. Ah, memories.

But overall, we’ve been fine with our septic system. It is 60 years old and still does it’s job. The system is perfect. But if the concrete tank itself may be compromised, I guess it’s time to retire it?

So, it’s sharing time. Does anyone have septic experiences? Any advice on how to flush this problem out? (yeah, I’m a 10-year-old boy and that was toilet humor)

2 responses to “A crappy conversation

  1. Just a bit of information on gophers. We have them in our yard too, and when the hole is REALLY a gopher hole lol, it will have loose dirt mounded up on top. As for the septic we also have one, no problems as of yet but its not 60 years old either! Good product to buy is Rid, sprinkle in your toilet monthly and it will keep things cleaned up. You can find it at most department stores in the cleaning section.

    • Thanks for the info. I think we were just hoping it was an animal 🙂 We use Rid, too! Great product. And like I said, no other problems with function…just this darn hole and possible tank crumbling.

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