A family reunion and technology betrayal

I had a fun weekend away at Jeremy’s family’s annual reunion. We took a long weekend out of work and out of Jacksonville to travel down to a state park in central Florida to catch up with all the family who could make it.

Two days, 37 people, four dogs, hundreds of miles, five fast food meals, countless hugs and even more pictures. Too bad 52 of my photos are now listed as errors on my camera. What the eff?!?!

I wanted to show you the cake I made! So instead, I’ll just tell you that I couldn’t have done it without Publix. For $8 and 5 minutes, they made the cake awesome by printing a photo I brought on edible icing. I was able to take it with me and just slap it on the iced cake I made. It can be kept for days in advance, it needs no refrigeration or special care. So easy!

Here is a picture from Aunt Penny (Hi Penny!) before the cling wrap was taken off.

So, I lost my hi-res, well-lit, set-up image. But even from this sitting on the table, real-time family photo, I think you can still see how great the detail in the photo of their family crest is. In conclusion, hooray for Publix and my newest way to use them. I will defintely be bringing them photos in the future for store-bought and homemade cakes.

The other bit I can share, is my first visit to Apopka, Florida’s Magnolia Park. I’m sparing you the bulk of family photos (for privacy and to protect the guilty ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), but here are some of the high points of this state park and our shenanigans there.


Clearly, Alaska was excited to visit.

We used the basketball court...even in the rain.

We enjoyed camping and BBQing on charcoal grills.

Can you spot the gator? C'mon Floridians, you should know that eye sneak from 20 paces away!

We visited the butterfly garden.

I shot up at the beautiful and old moss-filled trees.

We spotted the locals. Hello Mr. Peacock, don't mind me.

And hello to Mrs. Peahen and babies. Sorry to tell you I only have a camera and not food.

Look how well the babies blend in! They are the bird versions of John Cena, lol.

We played catch.

The pavilion his family rented also had a volleyball court, tetherball, horseshoes and more that we made use of throughout the weekend. And, in case you couldn’t tell, the park is pet-friendly! So it was so nice to have the pups, kids, cousins and adults all together.

Overall, a nice event and park (good job Shirley!). And I guess even though my original post was a bust because my pictures were sabotaged for some unknown reason (Verizon, I’ll be calling you tomorrow–please help), hopefully, you enjoyed some of the pretty sights from Magnolia Park.

Does your family hold formal, all-together reunions? My family used to and we are hoping to get together next year, but usually we just see each other throughout the year casually. (I know, I know, I said “my” family and “his” family but it helps in this story–but they are all “our” family!).

Anyone else fighting their “smartphones” or other tech devices? Please share! We’re like family after all :).


5 responses to “A family reunion and technology betrayal

  1. Looks like a beautiful park and a great time had by all! Sorry I had to miss it! Your cake was genius! Tom and I were trying to figure out if it was a piece of paper on top ! My family doesn’t do reunions, people just get together during marriges, baptisms, and such. Works out for the ones that live close, New York, Jersey, area. But for us on the outskirts of America, we miss everything..

  2. Miss ShareaCube

    Glad to see that Alaska is looking good!

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