Oreo sandwich cakes

I have another recipe today (I told you I was had baking fever 🙂 ). Inspired by one more recipe I saw on Bakers Royale, I had to make these. OK, in full disclosure, I was attempting to make her Mini Chocolate Oreo Cakes. However, it required both cake and icing to be made from scratch…After just covering my kitchen in a fine flour dusting just the day before while making s’more cookies, I got excited about a shortcut.

Thanks to a high-value coupon in the May Smart Source newspaper insert and a Winn-Dixie BOGO deal, I decided to cheat.





Mini cheesecake pan

= one tasty plan.

I made the cake mix according to the directions on the box except I used a fork for double the time rather than a beater or stand mixer.

It isn't as purist, but it means a lot less clean-up.

Just a few minutes and only one dirty bowl later, I was ready to fill the cake wells in my wonderful Chicago Metallic cheesecake pan (that I don’t get to use as much as I’d like).

Mmmmmmm, and it's not even baked yet.

Baked, again, according to Betty’s on-box directions. I was really getting excited and my whole house smelled like warm chocolate.


Unfortunately, I way underestimated how much the cake would rise!

*That's* a muffin top.

The whole point was to make these tiny little cakes totally covered in icing. So I went all Queen of Hearts on my desserts.

"Off with their heads!"

That left me with the perfect cake bodies. So, I started to cover them with icing. Too bad the (not home-made whipped) icing was really thick and just tore the delicate and fluffy cake apart at every stroke. Plus, it’s really hard to handle cake that has no icing free sides.

Holy crumbles, Batman.

Criminy. Mid-game switch! Yep, the Oreo icing is in a nice squeeze pouch with a re-closeable cap! So without having to use a knife to spread, I filled the cake tops and made a cake sandwich.

Messy at first but still delicious and no waste.

My coworker said they reminded her of a thicker whoopie pies. But wither way, they were delicious! And easier to handle…which means easier to eat…many.

I even got creative and used some leftover marshmallow creme and graham cracker crumbs to make a s’more cake sandwich.

Playful finish.

Have you tried anything new lately? Any happy turnouts in your kitchen? Let’s dish!


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