C25K: Week 7 report

The program’s Week 6 was another week where the days were different. However, none of my planned runs mattered.

Monday looked like this:

So much precipitation.

And if it wasn’t stormy, it was smoky! Tuesday looked like this:

Ick. There was even ash on the cars.

On Wednesday, the forecast wasn’t looking any better:

Mother Nature clearly doesn't care about about my C25K plans.

I decided to go for a run Wednesday evening anyway and figured if the smoke was bad, I could quit. Unfortunately, it got bad about a mile and a half away from my house. Whoops.

My throat started to burn and my sinuses were going crazy. However, a mile away from home, I had to keep going. Thankfully, the sweet running gods had someone turn their sprinklers on! Hallelujah! I don’t know if anyone was home, but I waved to the open window just in case as I ran over and through the water. Here’s the Week 6 Day 1 schedule:

  • 1.     Warm-up walk—5 minutes
  • 2.     Run—5 minutes
  • 3.     Walk—3 minutes
  • 4.     Run—8 minutes
  • 5.     Walk—3  minutes
  • 6.     Run—5 minutes
  • 7.     Cool-down walk—5 minutes

It wasn’t perfect, but I felt good that I least I did it. I missed running.

I was so light-headed but smiling happens anyway.

I’m not even including a progress report this week since clearly, there wasn’t any. But, I’m staying positive and working out in other ways in the meantime. I’ll start an honest Week 6 next week if all these fires (422 in Florida right now!) can blow away.

Otherwise, I’m going to follow in this guy’s footsteps 🙂

Gas mask anyone?

Photo from here.

Read my Couch to 5K Program Challenge journey from the beginning: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5 and Week 6.

So, that’s my recap. Did you try anything new this week? Have a great weekend! And if you’re in Florida or anywhere else that fires are currently taking a toll, good luck and be careful!


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