Sometimes it’s the little things

Sometimes, big projects are great because you work so hard for so long but eventually you pick your head up and bam! A huge transformation has occurred and you realize how worth all your blood, sweat and tears were.

Other times, something little can be incorporated and be just the pick-me-up you need. No blood, sweat or tears required. In my case, it was a new shower curtain!

Our last curtain wasn’t terrible, but it defintely wasn’t inspiring. It still exists in this house tour from earlier this year.

We painted our guest bathroom a soft and sunny yellow so it would be clean, bright and warm. But three shower curtains later, I had settled and quit. Finding something that was modern but not industrial, fun but not cartoonish, maybe botanical but not Asian or country.

But now, I can’t help but grin going past the room thanks to a $14 find at Target.

Just hanging out...

Here’s a fun side-by-side for comparison.

Full bath before.

So much brighter!










It even ties to the rest of our house palette really well:

  • the green from the living room;
  • the dark tan from the kitchen and dining rooms;
  • the lighter blue from the master bath and living and dining rooms accent;
  • the darker blue from the guest room, the living room accent and the office; and
  • the lighter tan from the hallway in which the bathroom resides.

Not to mention those sweet little birds. I think they’re are so cute and I’m not saying I won’t name them eventually because I’m crazy that way.

Hey there. I shall call you Flappy.

I wasn’t shopping for a shower curtain but I couldn’t let it go. I know it might not be everyone’s perfect shower curtain but it defintely making me smile these days.

Try anything new today? Any little switch-a-roos happening in your house?

2 responses to “Sometimes it’s the little things

  1. I absolutely love it!! it reminds me of a couch pattern my mom had in the 50’s

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