Pick your own

I’m so excited to share this post with you! I’m a little late posting it because I couldn’t narrow down the pictures and I had too much fun reminiscing. Last week, one of my friends at work was talking about blueberry season…and a couple local places where you can pick your own blueberries.

I looked them up on pickyourown.org and chose Dowless Farms to pick our own blueberries. I’ll save you the suspense and tell you up front, I am so pleased with that choice–they were awesome.

In order to beat the heat, the bugs and the competitors crowds, the farm owners recommended we get there early…early as in sunrise.

The sun coming up over the St. John's River.

We showed up and were surprised at how many people were already there. We were greeted by the two owners who were so helpful and funny. They instructed us to take out buckets they provided and attach it around your waist. His explanation was so we can pick with both hands free to make him more money. It was a funny ice breaker at 6:30 a.m.

Trying bungees...and getting a tutorial from the owner because I was apparently doing it wrong.

After three bungee cords and fumbling with the hooks demonstrating for everyone else.


We made it to the field.

Buckets, on! Ready to pick.

With it just starting to get bright and being surrounded by all the trees and dew, it was really nice.

Beautiful landscape.

I’ll take a second to point out that all of these photos were snagged with my cell phone with no special effects or filters used.

Early morning berries.

OK, back to picking. For the blueberry season to be near an end, there were many pink berries still to ripen. Maybe we’ll get a chance to go back this year!

Pick a little, talk a little.

Many of the people there really took it seriously. They separated and inspected. People left with multiple buckets per person. Jeremy and I giggled, threw rotten berries and enjoyed the surroundings.

Like the grapevines.

And the cows.


Then I spotted this little guy eyeing us in the backfield.

Jeremy called him Norman.

He was fascinated by us and every time I turned around he was keeping an eye on the pickers.


OK, just one more because he was so adorable. Look how close he got!


Oh! And we found one more thing I couldn’t get enough of…

Charlie Brown berry bush.

Can you see this little switch next to the big bases of all the other bushes? And, he even had one little berry hanging on the lowest branch. We left it because he deserved it.

THESE are fresh berries.

We also scored some tomatoes they were selling on the side.

Tomatoes haul.

Along with a sheet with eight different blueberry recipe ideas. The owners especially recommended making the blueberry crunch. You’ll probably see it on the ol’ blog eventually. 🙂 In return, I recommended they try adding spinach to their blueberry smoothies. Share and share alike, right?


So that was our experience for a sunrise blueberry picking adventure.


Did you try anything new today? Ever gone blueberry picking or have an awesome blueberry recipe? Share!


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