Restaurant review: Ted’s Montana Grill


Thanks to a promotional coupon (and a mid-week aversion to cooking), the Mr. and I had a spontaneous date night at Ted’s Montana Grill last week. To start, Ted’s (as in Ted Turner) is an all-American, stereotypical Western, carnivore-lover’s type of place.

This was the menu front.

The hostesses were sweet and accommodating, the ambiance is quiet and relaxed…

Oh, and there was a bison mounted on the wall.

Despite the creepy (and I thought unnecessary) animal head, they also happen to be very eco-conscious. Here’s my experience at this restaurant paradox.

We were seated promptly in a comfortable and clean booth. We quietly chatted and giggled while waiting for our server. He took our drink (water without lemon) and appetizer (gourmet onion rings) orders. He reappeared shortly with our waters—lemon elegantly hanging on the sides.

I hate that.

But, in the picture above, do you see the straw? It’s paper. Ted’s reminds you at every turn of its commitment to eco-responsibility.

Stamp on the tablecloth.

The fancy logo and written motto is great, but here are their actions:

  • Re-introduced the paper straw and use it in all restaurants.
  • Menus are printed on 100% recycled paper.
  • To-go cups are made of cornstarch that bio-degrades in landfills in just 50 days.
  • Soft drinks are served in recyclable glass bottles.
  • Take-away food is placed in Bio-Plus Earth Containers, which are high-quality, bio-degradable containers that are microwavable.

These containers have been endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association.

According to their website, in addition to maintaining a 99% plastic-free restaurant, they also try to conserve energy and water:

  • Installed 66 solar panels on the Tallahassee, Fla. restaurant.
  • They look for innovative ways to reduce energy consumption like wind generators and low voltage lighting in their restaurants.
  • Use water-efficient toilets in most of their restaurants.
  • Of course, all are non-smoking.

Now for the food!

We started with their "famous" onion rings.

They were ginormous! I ate two and was ready to call it quits before dinner. But they were tasty–not too greasy and mostly onion as opposed to all breading. I also liked the horsey sauce served with them.

I may have played a bit once I was full...inappropriate, but what can I say.

I was glad the main course took a while to come out so I had time to get some of my appetite back.

I ordered the bison meatloaf.

It was listed on the menu as being served with two sides: mashed potatoes and squash casserole. Nervous about the squash, I had asked if it was coated in cheese, butter and breading that would make it basically a non-veggie. He said there was no cheese and it was delicious. Hesitantly, I agreed to keep it on the order.

Do you see the ratio of potatoes to squash? And all the squash was covered in breading along with a surprise biscuit. It tasted okay, I mostly picked out the squash bits. The meatloaf was delicious–lean and moist. I rarely eat red meat and this was worth the splurge. I ate less than half and took the rest home in my fancy bio-degradable box.

Jeremy ordered a bison burger.

I stole a bunch of his lettuce just to nibble on so I’d have something green besides parsley.

His burger was cooked too long, was pretty greasy, and they gave him the fixin’s for a different one than he chose. He did enjoy most of it though and the server and manager were very nice about handling us. We didn’t mention anything but when the server came to clear our plates and saw half the burger still there, Jeremy confessed. Who wants to be the problem people?!

I spared you a picture but even the bathrooms were nice and clean, and they used powdered soap that was awesome. It’s the little things to fascinate me 🙂 .

Overall, we had a nice time and would go back if the occasion arose, but would just be more clear about our expectations/needs.

How about you guys? Try anywhere new lately? Do you have a Ted’s in your area? Or maybe you make a mean squash casserole of your own! Let’s hear it.


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