C25K: Week 6 report

The program’s Week 5 was the first time the days were different. And they were increasingly challenging! A little scary.  Here’s the schedule for Day 1:

  • 1.     Warm-up walk—5 minutes
  • 2.     Run—5 minutes
  • 3.     Walk—3 minutes
  • 4.     Run—5 minutes
  • 5.     Walk—3  minutes
  • 6.     Run—5 minutes
  • 7.     Cool-down walk—5 minutes

I tried the first day and failed. Bad. I didn’t even finish the first 5 minute run when my shin died. It didn’t just die but said eff you on the way out. My whole leg ached as it surged painfully from the inside of my shin area.

I got home and took a picture. This was the happiest face I could muster:

Not happy. At all.

I didn’t realize how much it got to me until I was not wanting to get out of bed and was just plain miserable. Some talking it out and lots and lots of ibuprofen + icing gave me hope.

Ice (ice) baby.

Thanks to three days of rest, Publix frozen black-eyed peas, intense stretching and some positive reinforcement from Jeremy and the Mayo Clinic website, I tried again on Wednesday.


It’s a completely ridiculous and semi-unflattering photo but I love it. That was pure joy. I drank lots of water that day and stretched really, really well before going. I also wore the knee brace for extra support. I ran it perfectly and felt great.I told Jeremy I wanted to do exactly the same for every run, down to the socks I was wearing in order to recreate this feeling.

However, the shin splints are making sure I don’t forget them. Week 5’s second day was also completed successfully but my legs are paying for it. It looked like this:

Pooped, but I made it.

  • 1.     Warm-up walk—5 minutes
  • 2.     Run—8 minutes
  • 3.     Walk—5 minutes
  • 4.     Run—8 minutes
  • 5.     Cool-down walk—5 minutes

My dirty secret is I’m skipping day three (20 minutes of jogging non-stop) to get back on schedule.

Progress Report:

1.     Mental

  • Turns out running has crept in and made me love it. Well, I still hate having to do it…but when I can’t, I really miss it! It gives me an amazing (unexpected) opportunity to learn more about myself and how to listen to my body.
  • I had been dreading week 5’s program. Turns out, day 1 was the most fluid, rewarding and fully completed day of the whole thing so far! It’s awesome to have progress even your negative voices can’t ignore 😉 .
  • Weekly mantra: “You’ll never regret a run.”

2.     Physical

  • Shin splints suck.
  • When you do anything more than sit at a corporate desk all day, your chances for injury increase dramatically. Turns out that is part of the process…as is healing and overcoming.
  • My right knee aches, my left shin burns and has a knot, my left toenail split and my heels are dry and peeling. While gross and painful, it makes me feel like an athlete. LOL is that weird?
  • Pounds—Lost half a pound
  • BMI—Unchanged

3.     Lessons

  • Not every run will be a super victory.
  • Not every challenge means you’ll have to quit forever.
  • Running through the pain might not be the best approach.
  • I love running in hats. No wispy hairstickling my face, no sweat dripping down my forehead, no need for sunglasses that won’t stay on anyway.

Read my Couch to 5K Program Challenge journey from the beginning: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5.

So, that’s my week 6 recap. Did you try anything new this week? Have a great weekend!


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