Product review: Athenos yogurt

Thanks to a coupon on top of a sale at Winn-Dixie, I shunned by dearly beloved yogurt favorite, Chobani, to try Athenos Greek yogurt. We actually bought three flavors: strawberry (which you got a sneak peek at when I made waffles), peach and honey. They also offer blueberry and plain.


Fat-free? Check. Greek strained? Check. Sweet fruit associate? Check.

I tore of the foil top and was greeted by two cute compartments.

I stirred the yogurt by itself first and held out on the peach puree.

The plain yogurt was fairly tart but didn’t have the chalky or gritty texture like others do. The peach wasn’t the whole chunks I’m used to but it was still tasty.

Mixin' time.

The first thing I noticed was that mixing was hard in such a small container. You can see I had it spilling over the edges. I guess I’m a sloppy yogurt stirrer? I just had to keep an eye out and stir slowly to avoid peach yogurt in my keyboard.

But otherwise, it was good overall. I even kind of like that you control how much (to a point) of the fruit goes in. I like mine sweet so I added in all the peaches. However, when I tried the honey variety, I only mixed in 3/4 of the honey and added almonds because it was sooo sweet.

Speaking of add-ins, I couldn't leave the peach alone in the midst of strawberry season!

The size was good for me, too. And, as much as I love Chobani, it was worth it to try Athenos, especially after a closer look at the nutrition info. Here’s an apples-to-apples peaches-to-peaches comparison:

Chobani                              Athenos

  • Price                     $1.33  (22 cents per oz)       $1 (19 cents per oz)
  • Serving Size               6 oz                                    5.3 oz
  • Calories                      140 (23 cal per oz)          100 (19 cal per oz)
  • Fat                               0 g                               0 g
  • Cholesterol                0 mg                           0 mg
  • Sodium                      65 mg                          50 mg
  • Carbohydrates          20 g                             14 g
  • Fiber                           .5 g                               0 g
  • Protein                       14 g                              11 g
  • Sugar                          19 g                              10 g

It’s not what I expected. Athenos has fewer calories and more protein. Athenos also wins with almost half the sugar even though it’s only .7 ounces less product than Chobani. That’s huge for someone like me who adds sugar to coffee and eats so much fruit. I need as little added sugar as I can find.

Will I abandon Chobani completely? Probably not. Especially now that I found their kid version, Chobani Champions and because Athenos doesn’t make a pineapple flavor. But, I will be more conscious. If I can win on calories, protein and price by choosing Athenos, I will!

Did you try anything new today? Do you have a favorite yogurt? Maybe it’s Athenos? Maybe it’s Chobani? Maybe it’s Yoplait? My Mom and husband both like the Greek-stye but prefer non-Greek yogurt varieties…but I think my brother and I make up for their portions 🙂 .

P.S.– I added a background! I’m mainly excited that I figured out how to do it, haha. But I also think it’s adds a little zazziness, no? Color, texture, placement, etc. What do you think?


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