Restaurant review: Jimmy John’s

I had the opportunity to try a new sub place called Jimmy John’s. OK, new to me, Jeremy had been a few times and has wanted to take me there for a while now and millions of people have gone since they opened in 1983…but still.

We walked in and immediately noticed the signs (see how many other fun one’s you can find in my subsequent photos). For example,

They'd love to see you naked, but state code requires shoes & shirt.

The story is at 19, Jimmy opened up a sub shop with four sandwiches and a dream. As I was also welcomed to the world in 1983, I should’ve known we’d get along. What do they say makes Jimmy John’s different from the rest? “It’s honest, it’s damn good, it’s damn fast, at a decent price!” Yep, destined to be lifelong friends.

The employees were super friendly and casual. They talked me through some of the menu choices I was considering. I finally landed on the Vegetarian on french bread: provolone cheese, avocado spread, alfalfa sprouts, sliced cucumber, lettuce, tomato and a little bit of mayo. And then added a couple strips of bacon…’cause I’m a paradox. A hungry paradox.

By the time we both ordered subs, the girl behind the counter handed me cups and took Jeremy’s payment. While she was getting his change, I went to get our drinks and as I walked toward the soda machine, a guy popped his head around the end of the counter, smiled and said, “number 16 and veggie plus.” Huh? Is that ours? It was. In the time it took to order two subs and head down the walkway, they had made them, wrapped them and marked them accordingly! Holy crap that’s fast.

For perspective, here's a woman ordering at the beginning, where the glass wall stops is where my sandwich fairy materialized, Jeremy's refilling his drink at the end.

Anything made that fast was going to look like crap. It had to be slopped together, in fact, I figured they probably even made it wrong. Oh how eating out has made me a pessimist. Thankfully, JJ’s is here to turn it around. The sandwich was beautiful. And delicious.

Freshly unwrapped.

I love that the bread/filling ratio was equal and the goods actually came to the ends. It was slim enough to take a bite but large enough that I could only eat half there and enjoyed the rest the next day at work. Everyone who ordered from our great-thought-but-terrible-practice cafeteria was jealous.

In case you aren’t convinced yet, here’s some info off their website:

“At Jimmy John’s, vegetables are brought from the fields to the packer to the shipper to my restaurants. From the field to the truck to the store to the slicer to your sandwich.

My turkeys are fresh, boneless turkey breasts that are seasoned with salt, baked fresh and sliced fresh every day. They are all different sizes because like pigs, the farmers haven’t learned to grow equal sized turkeys yet. Because computers cannot think like humans, each of our turkeys is hand-sliced in every single Jimmy John’s restaurant around the country every single day.

I could never ever BS you on ingredients. Besides, if I did, my momma would kick my butt real hard.”

I snapped one last photo on my way out.

So freakin' tasty! Darn that's yummy!

A little arrogant but not incorrect. That sub was darn yummy.

A kid opening a business was Risky Business, but now plenty of people would be Trading Places with Jimmy to enjoy his success. I will tell as many college kids as I can find about JJ’s and may even wear my side ponytail and a sweatshirt off one shoulder in their honor next time I go.

Alright, I’m officially out of 1983 references, so we’ll leave off there. If you go to a Jimmy John’s, let me know what you think…and say hello to my little friend. Hey, whaddya know, I had one more!

Tried anywhere new lately? Happy hump day! Yeah, I’m a nerd who refers to it as ‘hump day’ but I really did get myself over a challenge today so it’s fitting. Tell you all about it on Friday!


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