The land of farmer’s markets make believe

I learned at the Art Walk that a group called Global Greenup holds a farmer’s market every Friday in downtown Jacksonville.

Excitedly, I took another field trip downtown to check it out. Unfortunately, it was nothing to be excited about…or really, anything to put 25 cents in the meter for. It had maybe five tables. All of which were arts and crafts save two, one had orchids and the other had produce…that was bought at a wholesale market right up the road. Seriously?!

All 7 people at the alleged "farmer's market."

A serious let-down.

Trying to be positive, I thought maybe I got there too early (it’s held between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and I got there at 11 a.m.). The Global Greenup folks’ very glossy and inspirational website indicated there was another opportunity every Sunday in a Whole Foods parking lot on the other side of the city.

So, I planned to get there a couple hours in this time, just to be safe. Jeremy and I went together this time and planned to get all our produce and eggs and then head to the grocery store for the rest. Instead, my heart sunk as we drove by.

Confused? Don't be. The answer is what you think it is.

Insert my ridiculous-empty-parking-lot grumble here. Do you guys know *how* big Jacksonville is? It’s huge…the largest city in North America, in fact, for land mass. Why not drive all over it for no reason, right? Good thing gas is so inexpensive.

So, that’s it. I guess the lesson is the Internet can be deceiving and people often let you down. Why would you hand out flyers for events that you aren’t going through with? I was one irritated greenhorn.

Hope you guys had a good weekend. Did you do anything special. Please someone share that their city has an awesome (reliable) farmer scene so I can move there!



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