Downtown Art Walk

Tonight was a fun opportunity–visiting a monthly Art Walk event.

Everywhere there's signs!

The event started at 5 p.m. and not only did it include numerous artists on the street as I expected, it also included free admission to the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville.


But, we were six minutes early. So rather than pay the $8 admission (which isn’t actually bad until you realize it’d have been for six minutes), I entertained myself taking pictures out front.

Of this giant sculpture...

Then *with* this giant sculpture.

And this cute sign on the door.

Hey, look at that, it was 5 p.m. before we knew it. Once inside, I was immediately hit with the delicious smell of baking. They have a restaurant on the first floor, as well as a full bar. We climbed the stairs to the gallery and were met with four rooms of great art. Some sad, some beautiful, some angry and some that made me follow the directions from the front door. Like this one:

This was cheesecloth dipped in rubber. "Nod and say 'interesting.'"

I love museum and gallery corners. You’re in the Picasso imagination room one minute and then turn the corner to be met with this:

This is the Human Object as Toy display that greeted us.

And as you continue walking around the corner, the rest of the project lies in wait.

My favorites were the 3D and typography art displays, and Jeremy just kind of circled as a judicious spectator.

Once we were finished with MOCA, we headed across the street as tents were going up.

Local artists setting up in Hemming Plaza.

I think what surprised me was there were soooo many different types of artists. Our favorite booth in the park was Burton Photography. One macro print of three bees on a beautiful white flower almost went home with us. But we found jewelry makers, crocheters, sculptures (one really cool one with broken mirrors but it was too busy to snag a photo) and more.

Fine art.

Face painting.

Even musicians: Just Jazz Quintet.

Once we had perused all the main tables, we were directed through several other streets for more. The walk really was a neat way to get a closer look at downtown.

Hanging flower pots were such a sweet touch.

My favorite find! A key and a lock and owl perched on books high above the street on a hidden side of the public library.

My favorite vendor was a gentleman named Alan who owns SunDog Soaps. By far the cleanest and nicest smelling artist we met 🙂 .

Soap for days.

He handcrafts all his soaps and my absolute favorite product was his Hibiscus Soap Biscuit! It also came in Spicy Italian, Sage, Bergamot and more, but my favorite was Hibiscus. It smelled like heaven.

Handcrafted, natural soap poured into a loofa. Too cute, and genius!

But while I was sniffing all his soap options (apple cinnamon oatmeal was also delicious), Jeremy had apparently found someone else to entertain him.

A bakery lured him in.

I didn’t take a picture of their table (boo) but the representatives were super sweet and they even had free samples (cayenne almonds and brownies!). Jeremy bought a cake pop and a s’more pop. The bakery is Ella Bee’s. A cute name, a cute logo and yummy creations. BUT, my wedding color was aqua and I have an affinity for bees…so I was kinda bias from the get-go.

Look! I was even wearing my bee earrings today.

But, back to Ella Bee’s Bakery treats, we enjoyed them as a perfect dessert. I’m looking forward to visiting her website and Etsy shop.

Almost too pretty to eat. But only almost. I inhaled them.

Jeremy doesn’t like cake so the cake pop was largely left to me. It was okay but the s’more was defintely our favorite.

All in all we had a fun time. I’m pretty proud of our city for arranging this every month. There were several other events like DJs and a Grease sing-a-long that we didn’t even get to.

Did you try anything new today? Do other cities have art walks? What’s your favorite local event?

PS- I changed up my layout just a bit to eliminate some excess white space and make better use of the space overall. I also increased the size and resolution of the pictures. Hope you like it! Feel free to comment.

PPS-Shout out to my fellow high school class of ’01-ers.

A decade ago today! Feels like a lifetime ago.

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