Garage sale tale

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Jeremy and I are relaxing at home together, recovering from a very busy weekend. Not forgetting to remember our soldiers,  fallen and fighting, who allow us to keep a normal weekend where we can bar-b-que and watch movies and enjoy life.

Saturday, we held our first greenhorn garage sale! Just he, I and a bunch of our junk in the driveway with strangers.

We started the day before, listing everything we had and pricing it. Putting it on tables and wiping off dust.

It looked like this...

And this, when we were done.

We started hauling stuff out around 7 a.m. Saturday morning. Of course, by “we,” I mostly mean Jeremy. He’s awesome at moving stuff…so much so that people are often confused by how he does it. Pretty useful as far as odd hidden talents go!

I couldn't lift half...luckily, it was not a problem.

I stuck to my strengths by organizing the sections, keeping an inventory list, collecting money and schmoozing customers 🙂 Go team.

It wasn’t even all out before people started pulling over and coming up! We didn’t have any signs out or announcements on the Web (like Craigslist or GarageSaleHunter).

All on display as the early morning sun peeked over the roof.

We did end up putting two signs out–just in front of the house. We’re lucky enough to live on a main road so just drive-by traffic provided enough customers.

It was a pretty solid cycle of rush then slow then rush then slow. As the sun continued to chase us backwards toward the house (in order to remain in the shade), we got antsy. Especially about some of the larger pieces that we had. We had tried to sell the dining table and chairs before with no success and really didn’t want to have to lug them back into the garage…again.

But, two hours in and boom! An offer, and we happily accepted.

Also, the China cabinet was so large (you can see it in the first picture), I was convinced no one would buy it even if they wanted to because they’d have to way to transport it.

Then, at noon, I saw two very nice ladies eyeing it. “It’s so nice,” they said. “It could be yours,” I replied with a smile. But she wanted to pay half of what we were asking. As I was about to accept the offer, a voice whispered to me, “did they make an offer on that?” Yep, a couple spotted it from the road and wanted it also!

The piece I was convinced wouldn’t sell was in the middle of a bidding war. Let me tell you, this can be an intimidating and awkward moment. The first woman who wanted argued that she was a veteran with three kids and was there first. The older couple countered with a matching veteran card, and then raised her with kids plus grandkids.

But at the end of the day, I had to tell them that it was very nice to meet both of them and I truly appreciated their interest in purchasing our cabinet, however, it wasn’t about their story. It was about the moola. (Making it about the money felt very cold and unnatural to me, by the way, but kind of fun…and honest.) And by a $25 difference, the older couple took the win.

Lifting with their legs 🙂

They had cold, hard cash AND a way to take it home on the spot. Woo hoo! I couldn’t believe it fit in their vehicle, but they made it work (I don’t think it was their first rodeo garage sale). Jeremy provided the rope and helped them secure their tailgate.

That's customer service.

With that successful sale, we called it a day. All the small things that were left managed to fit in my car. We drove them straight to Goodwill.

All that remained.

I even got a receipt to we can write off the donation on our taxes so it’s a win-win conclusion. And the best news is a combo of extra income and extra space!

The garage today--hoorah.

So, that’s my garage sale experience. I’m thankful it was a good one (I’ve heard stories). Did you try anything new with your long weekend? Any garage sale stories of your own?


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