Today’s headline is courtesy of Jeremy (and I guess Ed McMahon, technically). 🙂

I’m so excited to tell you that I’m able to mark another goal off my list–For the first time, I saved more than I spent at the grocery store! It was glorious.

I upgraded my couponing efforts this week three ways:

  • I clipped all the coupons I found, whether I used that product regularly or not.
  • I graduated into a three-ring binder and organized it alphabetically.
  • I found another great coupon blog, The Krazy Coupon Lady, that provides match-ups and all the deals at many stores for you.

I also got some surprise and sweet help. When I got back from my trip to Tennessee, I had this weekly ad in the mail pile awaiting me.

See the stars?

Jeremy went through ahead of time and marked the deals and items we might be interested in.

How about some TP?

I compiled all the deals and products with what we needed or wanted to snag.

The list I made and checked way more than twice.

If you can read it, I wrote out the product name, the right size or variety, the cost, the coupon adjustment and the final price.

Then made some adjustments, gathered my coupons, grabbed my cloth bags and hit the store.

My original estimate = save $37, spend $89.

I wasn’t really feeling it at the store. I was second guessing my choices and wasn’t in the mood to take the extra effort.

The set-up.

So, long story short…we toughed it out, mainly stuck to the list but were flexible and splurged on one thing (Entenmann’s donuts buy one, get one). When we finished checking out, the cashier said, “wow! you did really good.” I said thank you and read the receipt as we walked out. By the time I hit the parking lot I saw it:


We saved $52.75 in-store plus $7 in gas reward (Winn-Dixie’s and Shell’s Fuelperks partnership program) and spent $52.38. I outright danced and squealed all the way to car. Actually, I tweaked my knee doing it. Worth it!

A little too excited.

Depending on how you count it, I was either $0.37  or $7.37 ahead, but either way, that scale is tipped to the savings side and I’ll take it! $105 worth of groceries for $52–all day :).

I plan to keep it up for as long as it makes sense to do so, which at this point seems like forever as long as I don’t let it interfere with my relationships, blood pressure or spare space in the house, haha.

So, have you tried anything new lately? Feeling accomplished? For more couponing tips, read my Coupon School post for advice from highly-successful couponer and links to other resources.




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