Product review: Yoplait Smoothie mix

Much like my trial of Kemps, a buy one, get one promo spurred an unscheduled purchase…

Smoothie mix!

In came in several flavors but I chose blueberry pomegranate. You can see the white yogurt pieces on the bag picture. It only requires one cup of milk and a blender to make.

Ready to go.

I could’ve just hit the button then and I’m sure it would’ve been as good as it smelled…But since I’ve shared my smoothie addiction before, I decided to doctor it up just a tad (no offense Yoplait folks).

Four strawberries and two handfuls fresh spinach.

I think it was actually as good as ones I make myself only sweeter. Jeremy tried a mixed berry flavor package while I was in Tennessee and said it was good as well.

Mmmmmmmm, perfect!

I’ll mostly stick with my scratch smoothies simply for the sugar content and price. But, if another deal presented itself, it is easy, tasty and still a better option than buying one out.  Overall, I would recommend this mix as a good starting place or stand-alone, depending on your taste.

Did you try anything new today? Have you tried this mix yet? See you tomorrow! I have exciting goal news.


3 responses to “Product review: Yoplait Smoothie mix

  1. I love green monster smoothies. (o: I especially love them with Libby’s pumpkin and cinnamon. Soooo good!

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