C25K: Week 3 report

After a disconnected few days,  I’m back! And am so happy to be here! Also, before I report out on my training program progress, I finally got the pictures of dogs on a plane up! Go check it out–the snout is worth it, I promise.

After week two, I shared with you that I only made one of the three runs due to procrastination and then a bizarre and sudden knee pain in the beginning of day two.

This past week, I had a cautious optimist voice in my head cheering me on. I decided to just do the day two and three runs from week two that I missed. So I guess, technically, this is Week 2 1/2 report :). I also wore a knee brace and made sure to run in the cooler mornings.


See my cozy right knee? The five-minute cool down walk is my favorite.

Progress Report:

1. Mental

  • I felt a lot of pressure, fear and apprehension this week.
  • I just decided I would try and walk back or quit if I had to.
  • So far, I haven’t needed to.
  • I plan to just stay positive and not stress in my head before even trying.

2. Physical

  • I actually choked up half-way through because I was so grateful to not have to give up.
  • Pounds lost: 2
  • BMI: 1 point down–brings me to normal range, kachow!

3. Lessons

  • Not to be too hard on myself.
  • Not to allow myself to feel sorry for myself or slack.
  • Sometimes things are out of our control.
  • Running is great for clearing your mind. I’ve heard that before..that it’s a cleansing and disciplined sport. But I really do get it. Although, I think I get it because I’m too busy struggling to breathe and lift each leg to stress or worry, haha.

So, that’s my week 3 recap. How’s your week going? Did you do anything new today?


8 responses to “C25K: Week 3 report

  1. I have never been one to enjoy jogging or running. I will say that when I gave it a try and really did enjoy it, was when I jogged on a trail in a park. I found that the same view and concrete surroundings did not help. Once I found a couple of different trails, I actually liked running and it didn’t feel forced. I would say, look for a pleasant place to run to make it that much more enjoyable. It is easier on the knees to be off concrete too! Love what you are doing and so ‘you go, girl!’

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