Technical difficulties

Well, this is a trying something new post…it’s my first post from my phone.

I posted on Friday that my Internet was rebelling and not allowing any photos. I’d insert the very cute picture of the search and rescue k9 eating airplane pretzels but only the caption would show. Muy frustrating.

Since I was out of town over the weekend, I figured I’d fix it today.

Instead, it’s gotten worse. Now I have no Internet at all! Thank you Comcast.

So, Android to the rescue this evening…except for pictures. Apparently, I can’t upload pictures from my phon. 😦 Boo.

It was good to try this way though. At least I know what my back-up options are as well as limitations. I should be up and running tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by. Check back soon!

Did you try anything new today? Anyone else have Comcast stories or super mobile devices?

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