Dogs on a plane

Much less frightening, or ridiculous, are finding out there are dogs on your plane (as opposed to snakes, in case you missed my reference). As I mentioned in my packing post yesterday, I flew to Tennessee today. When I got to the kiosk to print my boarding pass, a message popped up that said I needed to see the gate representative about a change in seating.

I went through security and found my gate. Of course, no rep was there yet so, as I waited, I watched two uniformed men and their badged dogs. They were very well-behaved and people were coming up to them for questions and petting (questions for the men, petting for the dogs–just to be clear).

A I'm-just-looking-at-my-phone sneak pic

Eventually, a woman showed up and slowly the line of passengers were helped with overbooking, stand-by and accommodation needs.

Get this line movin!

Then I was up. I explained that I thought I was in row 8 but the kiosk said no. She explained that they had to switch to a smaller plane unexpectedly (hence the overbooking issue from the people in front of me) so seat 8F was no longer mine…in fact, there was no longer an 8F.

She moved me to 1B. 1B?! I asked (half-joking) if Delta was moving me to first-class. She said on this new plane, everyone’s in first class.

I could practically have brewed the coffee and flown the plane from my seat!

And then said, “you’ll be sitting next to a dog. Is that okay?” Odd. Until I boarded and realized that the uniformed men and dogs were not airport employees, they were flying to Memphis. And they were sitting on either side of me.

Storm and his Kong.

I didn’t take a picture of the handler but we had a nice chat throughout the flight. He and the other handler were from Jacksonville Fire & Rescue’s K9 unit. Storm and Rusty (shown in the top photo) were the two dogs and they are special search and rescue service animals.

He showed me pictures of Storm climbing a fire ladder and told me stories of many of the special situations these dogs are able to handle. Amazing. They were on their way to Denver for a special training weekend. Storm also offered our in-flight entertainment. He is also apparently famous on YouTube but I haven’t found that yet.

We were briefly interrupted by a snack and beverage service. I was in shock Delta provided us snacks.

That's right, two bags of mini pretzels and ginger ale..woot!

When we were served our snacks, Storm enjoyed some, too.


The leg room area was a bit cramped but it was only a two-hour flight and it was worth it.

No seats in front so, what you see is what we got.

I have never been on a plane with dogs but it was fun. This was definitely a first for me but I’m so glad my seat got changed.

Did you do anything new today? Have you ever had an opportunity to meet a service animal?

ps-you may notice there are places for pictures in this post but I can not for the life of me get them to display. I’m hoping to rectify it soon. Added!

pps- I’m not posting Saturday or Sunday so I can spend time with the family and not battle photo issues. See you Monday, have a great weekend. Try something new! 🙂

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