Bags are packed; ready to go

Howdy! I had a long week but its ending early. My cousin is graduating high school in Tennessee, so I’m taking a weekend family trip, so I’m sharing my first packing tutorial.

It’s funny to say considering I would guess that you’ve all packed before. But I’m picky and thought I’d share my method to pack the most in the least space (I know other people who just pack as little as possible but I’m a just-in-case packer–I can’t help it).

The layout.

I roll all my stuff since I know it fits better but I love that I can see everything. It’s a three-day trip and I have two pair of shoes, pajamas, five outfits, a gift, a flat iron and a toiletry/make-up bag. So I had to get all that…

Into here.

It’s an Embark canvas bag from Target. It was a really great price and is very well made. It has lots o’ pockets and I love that, too.

Huge, double stitched, leather-reinforced inside pocket.

So, the process goes like this…

Shoes first.

Longest rolls second.

Short rolls and toiletries bag on top.

Ta-da! Those pockets I mentioned aren’t just on the inside. The bag also has two generous pockets on the outside. I use one for boarding passes and the other for the quart-sized clear bag required for shampoo and contact solution since they are secure but easy to access.

Ziploc pocket.

So, that’s my packing routine. Did you try anything new today? Are you a throw-everything-in-a-bag person, a meticulous organizer, or do you have a unique system of your own?


2 responses to “Bags are packed; ready to go

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  2. I am going to Target to get that bag!! Looks like you have the packing down pat! I like to roll things and have a couple of extras for emergencies. But don’t like to check a bag and want it with me yet small enought not to be ‘tagged’. Veeeerrrrry tricky.

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