An apple a day

I love apples. I think my favorite is Pink Lady, which is a cross between Lady Williams and Golden Delicious.

Much less glam Price-Is-Right-modeling of a Pink Lady apple.

I will not eat Red Delicious as I hate their skin. Enter, an apple peeler.

Hello apple peeler. Nice to meet you.

Jeremy and I got this Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer (yes, that’s what they officially call it) for free from a friend getting rid of it. It was still in the box so we were excited to try it.

This is the display photo from Pampered Chef’s website.

They claim it “peels, cores and slices apples or potatoes in seconds.” We didn’t have the stand that they sell separately, we just clamped it to a corner cabinet.

Here it is on the counter.

Note that in the picture above, apparently the red rubber piece should go under the tool to avoid counter scratches. I learned this after it scratched the counter because we didn’t have it in the right place. One of the rubber pieces snapped in half, so obviously it was old and dry. We tried to secure it on the one red rubber piece left. It made it wonky but gave the counter some protection.

This was my attempt to tighten it down for a hope at extra stability.

The next step was to line it up. This proved more difficult than I thought it would be since the apple wasn’t flat-bottomed or symmetrical. Finally we got it in to where the corer piece would line up with the core.


So we started to crank. Crank, and hold it in place…and mop up the apple juice that came pouring out…and crank some more, until the corer made it through.

This is my messy and anti-climactic finale.

As you can see, all the skin is completely intact. Not to mention that the corer is very narrow and managed to get the very middle, but left several seeds and the hard parts where the seeds were. Have you heard the “wop wop” or whammy noise yet? If not, feel free to insert it here. I’m not trying to hate on Pampered Chef, but in the end, I’m glad I didn’t pay the $32 retail price for this tool in particular.

Maybe with some tweaking I could do a better job. Maybe with the stand they sell separately I could do a better job. Instead, I’m putting it in the yard sale pile so someone else can try to do better job. 🙂 I’ve heard the original ones are better than the new “modern” ones, but they are often much bigger and much, much more expensive (probably because that’s what it takes to actually do the job). I’ll just eat and enjoy my apples, skin and all.

Did you try anything new today? Have you used an apple peeler, or other specialty kitchen tool, before? Loved it? Hated it? Let’s hear!

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