I’m a desk jockey

It’s true. I really love my work but I sit in a car to get there, then sit in a chair in front of the computer for 8-10 hours, then sit in a car to get home. Otherwise, what I do before and after work is the only true exertion I can get. And I don’t think it can combat the eight solid hours of nothing but occasional trips to the ice machine and boss’ desk.

A big part of my motivation to do the C25K challenge was my sedentary job. However, with this new knee pain, I’m trying to make a conscious effort to not take silent heroes, like tendons and ligaments, for granted.

I know I am most comfortable with my legs tucked under (crossed legs are okay but mainly ankle under knee pit or full ‘Indian style’). But this isn’t doing my joints any favors and also means I hunch forward to reach my keyboard. Not today! Today, I tried a new approach.

Shoulders up and back, and both fet on the floor.

Last night I Googled “stretches at work” and printed off the first thing I found. I didn’t read it ahead of time or even note where I got it. Whoops. I just shoved it in my purse so I wouldn’t forget it.

Around noon I remembered I had them and though it was time to take a stretch break. The first was a leg extension. Not that I’m particularly fond of posting my pale gams illuminated by poor incandescent lights, but I think it’s a funny office visual.

Raise leg, bend...

Then extend. (Yes, that's a mini beach ball and a Chick-fil-a cow on my desk, by the way.)

Supposedly this should help build the muscles around your knee to better support kneecap positioning. It just felt goofy in a dress and heels. Sidenote about the heels, I chose some of my lower ones and they’re wedged for more even support. As far as heels go, not too bad, I hope.

But then it got weird. Read the next set of directions:

Lay on my stomach? Are they kidding?!

Even if I were not in dress, I am not laying in the cube aisle, especially not on the carpet that has been there since 1974. No offense to the office’s housekeeping staff or the doctor who put this list together, but it wasn’t happening.

I just decided to do a few airplane passenger-style stretches (you know, like reaching for the sky, and rotating and stretching wrists and ankles). I am looking up some more appropriate desk stretches for tomorrow. 🙂

Did you try anything new today? Anyone have any good stretches?


One response to “I’m a desk jockey

  1. I have a new job that requires sitting all the time. I would get sore shoulders, back, neck, etc. Since I work from home, I set my oven timer for 30 minutes. When it goes off, I have to get up. When I get up, I then stretch and walk around, go to the bathroom, get something to drink……. This has made a big difference instead of sitting for a couple hours. I don’t ache and it is a nice, short break. I will include some of you stretches now that I have seen them. Anything and everything helps. Thanks!

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