C25K: Week 2 report

Well, this week’s report is very different from the first week.

Week two’s first day was Tuesday. I was running late that morning, but I figured I could just run in the afternoon. The good news was I did it. The bad news was it was 94 degrees with 80 percent humidity. I thought I was going to fry.

Alaska's tongue was dragging next to her. I felt her pain.

Note to self: Go back to mornings! So, the next scheduled run was for Thursday morning but we had fires nearby and it was super smokey. Skip to Friday morning, I had stayed up so late the night before, I figured I’d just go Saturday.

Saturday morning, I suited up and leashed Alaska. I finished my 5-minute warm-up walk and the robot voice said, “Let’s begin your 90 second run, now.” OK! Right step, left step, right st..OUCH! It felt like I was stabbed in the knee.

As Alaska happily trotted onward it about pulled me over. I yelled for her to stop and thought I needed to stretch. Nope, stretching hurts. Fine, maybe I just need to walk it out. Feeling better, okay try again. Right step, crap, no, pain. I called Jeremy and asked if I should keep running anyway. He said no (so did my kneecap). I slow walked home in shame.

I struggled to climb the porch stairs. Why was there pain?! I’ve never had knee trouble before, I’m trying to do something good here. I rested and iced it the rest of the afternoon.

It’s better today but still tender. I totally blew week two. I’m super disappointed in myself for procrastinating all week. And then upset for a potential injury, but am trying to baby it and stay positive. Hopefully I can redo it this week or at the latest, next week.

Did you do anything new today? What positive motivation do you use to overcome hurdles?


13 responses to “C25K: Week 2 report

  1. Sorry to hear about your knee pain. My knees gave me a lot of grief when I started, and they still do for longer runs. Wearing knee braces really helps me.

    During my last big race, I saw someone holding a sign that said, “If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it.” That is my mantra when I’m struggling.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

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