Photo shopping

I love browsing through pretty stores. So, I thought I’d post my process of photo shopping–not to be confused with the computer software. It’s not really a “first” experience, but my original post for trying something new got busted today. (apparently Florida isn’t a test market for Chick-fil-a’s new sweet potato fries. So I excitedly dragged my husband there after work to try them just to have those cows break my heart 😦 Damn fine print…I was blinded by hungry enthusiasm)

So, just for fun. Here’s one of my favorite things to do when I have a Saturday by myself. HomeGoods, Pier One, thrift stores and Target are the best.

It actually started when I got my smartphone. I found the best way (without making rushed choices or missing a deal later) was to take a picture of a potential buy. Then I take them home, give Jeremy the photo tour and even hold up my phone to the potential space to get a feeling.

For example, this is the painting in our living room I found at World Market. I loved the colors and the doors, but was unsure about the price and size.

Against the store rack, it caught my eye.

This was another piece from HomeGoods that caught my attention.

Yes, I shop with a notepad and measuring tape.

See which one won? I bought it six months after the photo was taken when it was 30 percent off!

When I was shopping for a couch and dining chairs, I went to so many stores (some with the same chairs but different prices) that taking pictures was the best way to keep it all straight.

And works for more than just house stuff. When I was invited to attend the Runway to Dignity event, I did some speedy shopping but was too afraid to pull the trigger on any one outfit. So I snapped a few pics of my favorites and brought them to a friend at work as well as texted them to another fashionable friend for opinions.

Texts like "How about this one?"

And, "help! pick 1"

They never would’ve been able to go shopping with me last minute so it was super efficient.

It’s even great when I have zero plans to buy anything but want to peruse the new merchandise and make mental notes for later.

Like this Calico Corner fabric.

Or this Pier One ad.

Did you try anything new today? What’s your shopping method (window shopping, photo shopping, buy it then return it if it doesn’t work)? Oh! And if anyone tried the new fries let me know!


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