Break out the champagne-cabinets are in!

When we left off, I had painted them white and was deliberating over fabric. Well, the fabric came in and the dining room storage pieces have been moved into the dining room!

This project started March 11, 2011 with the purchase of two large thrift store pieces. They were dirty and damaged…and heavy…and really dated. But, I thought we could help each other ­čÖé I was going to give them a makeover and in exchange, they would elegantly hold my junk.

And, completely by happy (and sad) coincidence, exactly two months later I’m sharing the end result.

The last step was covering the backing with fabric. Here’s why I wanted to cover them:

This support backing has seen better days.

This was the "good" side :-/

We ordered it from and as soon as it arrived, it was time to cut it to size. I had two backs to cover, one was 6.5′ and the other was 3′ so I ordered four yards to make sure I had plenty.

The geometric pattern made an even cut super easy.

Getting extra proved to be not just a wise move but project saving because we cut it after measuring horizontally rather than vertically, which was wrong. Whoops! Oh well, we had plenty so it was just a matter of re-cutting and attaching it to the backing. That’s when we found out that the staples in our staple gun were too short. %@&#!!!!

Glamorous? No. But it was effective.

Thank you duct tape ­čÖé No staples meant hammering brads, which meant I couldn’t hold it up well enough for long enough to allow Jeremy to do the hammering. So he had an idea.

You know that wisdom about having the right tools for the job? We didn't.

Yep, that’s a random brick from our yard and one of his flip flops to bring our support to the perfect height. And you know, it worked! I got to stand back to make sure the fabric hung straight and take pictures.

Hammer time, ha!

I think he looks angry in that picture but he’s holding brads in his lips, lol. Once they were in place, and we had both gone through a tired, sore, frustrated and determined ride, I may have squealed with joy.

Alaska trying to figure out what I was excited about.

Here are the befores and afters!

Before #1 closed.

Storage cabinet #1 closed today.

Before #1 open.

Storage cabinet #1 open today.

Before #2 closed.

Storage cabinet #2 closed today.

Before #2 open.

Storage cabinet #2 open today (paper towels already moved in).

Here's an idea of how they fit in the dining room.

I can’t wait to start arranging the goods inside and I have big plans for the excess fabric–big plans for doing something sew out of my comfort zone ­čśë hint.

Budget breakdown:

  • Storage cabinets = $50
  • Paint and brushes = $30
  • Slider feet for floor protection = $5
  • Fabric = $35

Total: $120*!

*Now, in full, newbie project disclosure, in addition to the two months it took, we paid $20 in trim that we scrapped. I also plan to add trim eventually and want to hang my wine glasses, which means purchasing glass holders. So, the total will probably be closer to $150.

I really am pleased overall, and it’s much better than the $800 for the other pieces we were considering. And we learned.a.lot. So that’s the big unveiling. What do you think?

To review the saga leading up to this, read:

Did you try anything new today? Anyone else finishing up projects? I’m cheering for you!


8 responses to “Break out the champagne-cabinets are in!

  1. Great job on the cabinet!! Alaska is adorable!


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  4. GREAT pieces! Thanks for commenting so I could find you! So much storage potential in both of them, and I LOVE the fabric backing you chose.

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