It’s on Facebook, so it must be official

Tonight’s is a short post because I am getting ready for the big bookcase reveal tomorrow!

I just wanted to update you on the goals I laid out for myself to complete before my next birthday. I have finally fessed up on Facebook about my blog. It took me a while to gather the courage/see if I would be able to keep a blog up/not worry about if anyone cared and put my blog name under my personal Facebook page.

My nervous rambling infiltrates my personal life, too.

If any of my in-person friends or family have found themselves here, welcome! I’m sincerely grateful for all of you visitors. 🙂 I also created a Goals page so I can share my progress throughout the year.

Did you try anything today? Want to publicly fess up to anything? Haha, feel free!

ps-I’ll see you tomorrow for the finale of a long and arduous process. But, I think it turned out good enough (and provided enough lessons) to be worth it.Come back for the Greenhorn Bookcase Refinishing Report. 😉

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